BI Universe #1: Less is More

Months ago the Kingpin of Crime in Silver Plains, Biohazard, was approached by Jayson McKellen. The CEO of Acel-Corp offered a deal: work with him to undermine and bring down RajTEK in exchange for technology and tools to deal with SWAT-Spider. Despite making progress; their plan fails, Jayson is arrested, and Biohazard has now lost several of his best soldiers…

Biohazard/Maximillian Mills


Haze/Haman Jenkins


“What’s the damage Haze?” Biohazard asks with a sigh. His office at the top of Ludwig Tower brought him no joy. All he could see from his window were reminders of his failed venture with Pheromaster.* The stress of recent weeks finally getting a chance to settle in his mind.

*Check out Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster for the full rundown

“Sunspot, Shifter, & Forecast are now stuck in the Pathogen, Cinder abandoned us and returned to the Stars of Doom, Orca turned on us and went back to the Northside Bishops, and Crawler is MIA. Good news is we still have Tox, Ace, Surge, Pulse, and Hornet.”

“I should have never given that suit a chance.”

“Pretty much.” Haze replies flatly from the opposite end of his desk.

“Don’t you start with me.” Biohazard lashes out at Haze. “You were there and you failed just like them. Mind telling me how the fuck that happened?”

“Simple, we were ready for SWAT-Spider, the crew at RajTEK, the Inhibitors, and even Doctor Khonshu. But we weren’t ready for Black Ice or that new speedster of theirs. Turns out Black Ice has a psychic immunity. So I did the smart thing and cut my losses. No point fighting someone I couldn’t remotely hurt.”

“So you gave up.” Biohazard stands up. His broad frame stepping up to Haze with eyes aglow. “Give me a reason I shouldn’t just rip your head off right now.”

“You can’t afford to lose me or replace me and I’m the only one who will tell you the truth.” he replies fearlessly. “When you let people get to you, you’re no better than Pheromaster was. Ever since we’ve been unable to deal with SWAT-Spider you’ve only become quicker to act. You attempted to back someone who could give us quick extra muscle and it backfired. The direct approach isn’t working so I think we should try the subtle approach. That is always what you’ve been best at sir.”

Biohazard takes a deep breath. His eyes return to normal and he sits back down in his office. “I hate when you’re right. It’s time to go back to the old ways. Setup a meeting with Acel-Corp for this afternoon and the other gang leaders for tonight.”

“I’ll get right on it sir.” Haze replies before fading away.

Since he was a young boy, Biohazard had been a member of the mafia. His father was the kingpin before him as his father before him. They ran Silver Plains for generations and when Biohazard finally earned his rightful place as kingpin he made them proud. He ruled with an iron fist and even regained the territory lost to the Silver Sentinels before their untimely collapse. But ever since SWAT-Spider came onto the scene his grip on Silver Plains had slowly been loosened. The gangs became more brazen and he was even reduced to serving under Pheromaster like a loyal pawn. But the Silver Sentinels are gone, Pheromaster is gone, and now his only problem was the so-called heroes like SWAT-Spider & Black Ice. Heroes that are no longer just his problem…it was time to remind his subordinates of that. That afternoon, Biohazard arrives on the doorsteps of Acel-Corp. It was a special occasion so he put on his finest white suit instead of his regular black one. When he enters all eyes are on him. Some out of fear of his rumored reputation while others just followed their peers.

“I have a 3PM meeting with Ms. Lidehari.” Biohazard informs the receptionist.

“Of course Mr. Mills.” she responds nervously. She picks up the phone on her desk and speaks after a few seconds. “Ms. Lidehari, you’re 3PM is downstairs to see you…Okay, I’ll send him right up.” she hangs up the phone. “You’ll-“

“I know my way around thank you.” Biohazard interrupts as he proceeds down the hallway, turning one corner and coming to a single door. He then knocks and awaits a response.

“Please, come in.” a female voice calls from the room.

Biohazard opens the door and enters the room. It was a single laboratory the size of three rooms. Near the front sat a simple desk and computer where a beautiful woman with bronze skin and long straight black hair sat. She wore a simple closed white lab coat and black shoes. The backmost part of the lab doubled as a makeshift conference room while the middle portion was where all her equipment and lab stations sat. “Hello June.” he says pleasantly accompanied by a fake smile.

“Hello Mr. Mills.” she responds turning her chair to face him. Her thin frame made the chair seem far too large for her. “If you came to see Jason he hasn’t come in yet.”

“Close.” Biohazard sighs as he takes a rolling chair and sits on it with a slight forward hunch. Hands folded together and eyes looking at the ground.

“Is something wrong?” June asks concerned.

“I thought the news would be best if I shared it.” he takes a deep breath and looks June in the eyes. “Jason was in an accident.”

“Oh my god.” her eyes widen as she covers her mouth in shock. “I-is he okay? What happened?”

“Well…” he takes a deep breath once more and closes his eyes. Doing all he can to contain his true feelings. Since he began his partnership with Jason he made sure he cultivated a positive relationship with June behind his back. The times he couldn’t, he had Haze do so in his place with an illusion. She’d be easy to manipulate thanks to the trust they built up and her wavering emotional state. “He had wanted to keep it a secret but…He was going to visit the Inhibitors yesterday when his helicopter was attacked by an Inversion. They crashed but he’s alive. Thank heavens.” he admires her look of relief mixed with fear. “Tragically…” Biohazard sighs and extends and puts his hand on June’s shoulder. “It was…” he looks away. “We could barely tell it was him. When I found out I took it upon myself to tell you. Spare you the pain of having to see it firsthand.” he watches June nod before continuing. “I’ll do all I can to make sure he pulls through and that whoever this SWAT-Spider character is pays for his crimes.” A look of blind fury covers his face. His brow furls and his eyes flicker ever so slightly. He takes a moment before standing once more. “Until then you’ll need to be strong June. Acel-Corp is in your hands now. I hope you can turn to me for help in the future.”

“Thank you Max…I’ll…I…” she finds it hard to focus or think of what to say. “Where is he?”

“Ireland, the doctors thought it best to let him remain there while he recovered.”

“When can I see him?” she asks anxiously.

“I honestly don’t know…But when I do, you’ll be the first to know.”

With that, part 1 of Biohazards plan has been completed. It was convenient for him that the Inhibitors were still in disarray and likely hid the fact they had Jason in custody. Especially thanks to the fallout of Pheromasters plan all being overseas in an Inhibitors facility. Any inconsistencies his story might hold can easily be covered up with Haze’s assistance. Even if she doesn’t know who SWAT-Spider is he managed to throw him under the bus out of spite. But unlike Pheromaster, he wasn’t going to let it get the best of him. It’s easy to get an egghead on his side, the real issue was reasserting his dominance over the other gangs.

That night, Biohazard leaves to meet his associates alongside Haze in the basement of Ludwig Tower. He preferred to keep it separate from strip club at the top and away from prying eyes. He wanted them to know he was both literally and figuratively above them and if they wanted to meet, it’d be in his territory. The room itself was empty in the event someone tried to hold an ill-advised raid against him. That way they’d find quite literally nothing of value. He ensured his hands were always clean and focused on the legitimate face of the company his family had upheld. Not that he was above the occasional trafficking and extortion.

Haze opens the door to the basement where four people await him. Cinder, the leader of the Stars of Doom, stood with his arms crossed. His massive bodybuilder muscles barely contained behind his open vest. On the back was the logo for the Stars of Doom and the numbers 108 tattooed on the back of his neck. He was the primary one behind their drug trafficking and was present for Pheromasters failed plan. Fleeing like Haze did when the going got tough. Azrael Bloodrain, the leader of the Rebellion stood in the darkest part of the room he could find. He had straight black hair with red highlights and wore a shiny jet black trench coat over a matching black outfit. Including fingerless black gloves and matching shades, all courtesy of his parent’s exorbitant bank account. Biohazard tolerated the 20-year-old rich boy trying to act tough simply because of his proficiency in weapons trafficking. Madame Ishtar was the leader of the Westside Rooks and ran a prostitution ring. She wore a full body hooded robe reminiscent of a Benedictine Monk. You could just barely see her fair smooth skin beneath the hood or even that she was, in fact, a woman. Orca stood hesitantly across from Madame Ishtar. Abandoning her mission and her own boss not making an appearance put her in a rather unpleasant position.

“Good to see some of you still know your place.” Biohazard says with full focus on Orca. “So what half-assed excuse did Empress leave you with?”

“She had a concert show. It was a packed house and she couldn’t drop it on short notice for this meeting.” Orca tries her best to explain.

“She couldn’t drop her concert but she can somehow find a replacement for you.”


“Because I’m going to rip your head off and mail it to her.” Biohazard leers. “At least that’s what I would’ve done a few weeks ago. Tonight, I have something else in mind. As you all know, Pheromaster shit the bed and his grand master plan fell apart like a house of cards.” he glances at Cinder. “Thanks for that.”

“No problem cabrón” Cinder replies casually.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you just said puto. Keep it up and I’m gonna put my fist so far up your cabrón I’ll pull your goddamn brain out.” he steps up to Cinder who flinches slightly. A fact that makes Azrael shudder. Biohazard smirks slightly before continuing. “This whole Pheromaster fiasco has given me a new perspective on how to handle things. I was too generous before, so now I’m taking 90%. From now on you’re having only enough to keep yourselves running. Don’t want your leashes getting too long.”

“This is bullshit.” Azrael says under his breath.

“What did you say?” Biohazard asks turning towards Azrael who doubles down on his tough posture.

“I said this is bullshit. You fuck up and now we’re paying for it.” he gets off the wall and stands firm and defiantly.

“You hear that?” Biohazard looks around the room. “Eugene thinks I fucked up.”

“Wait, I-” Azrael says before being cut off. The gravity of his mistake bearing down on him rapidly.

“Show of hands, who agrees with him?” Biohazard looks around the room getting no response. “Looks like you’re on your own small fry.” he takes a few quick strides and lifts Azrael up by his neck with one hand. The others watch helplessly as the young gangster flails angrily. “I have trouble controlling my strength sometimes and I really don’t want to have to replace you. So how about I just march up to your little mansion in Gold Plains and turn it into a radioactive wasteland that makes Chernobyl look like a joke? After I wipe that little gang of yours out of course. Last thing I need is some kids trying to play in the big leagues. Honestly, I’ve been looking for an excuse to replace you. Same with smokey over there.” Biohazard tightens his grip, cutting off Azraels oxygen circulation briefly, then drops him. “But today is your lucky day.” he looks down on Azrael as he struggles to catch his breath. “Oh come on I didn’t…wait, are you crying?” he asks noticing Azraels eyes watering.

“N-no!” Azrael quickly jumps to his feet and tries to regain his composure.

“Uh huh…” Biohazard replies in disbelief. “As I was saying, today is your lucky day. I don’t feel like replacing you but I will if I need to. But, right now we shouldn’t be at each other’s throats. Because we have mutual enemies and it’s not the cops. Most of us have been visited by my least favorite person of all time, SWAT-Spider. I’ll admit, I should’ve killed him when I had the chance. Because now he’s not the only problem. That new player Black Ice thinks he can just be a superhero and is acting very openly. We don’t need him outing us. A few of you have even run into…what was his name again?”

“White Shadow.” Madame Ishtar sighs.

“These costumed Inversions just keep popping up and they’re a problem ALL of us have to deal with. No more being divided, no more bullshit schemes, no more public episodes. We’re going back to the old ways boys and girls. We’re called the underworld for a reason. Any arguments?” he looks around the room to no response before adjusting his jacket. “Good, then get back to work.”

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