Quick Tab & Music Update (1/28/2018)

Main Tab List updated

  • The new Screenshots tab has been added to the right of the previews tab. I’m putting my best and favorite screenshots I’ve taken while gaming there so hopefully you guys will enjoy the coolioness. Right now it’s broken into three sections and more will be added if required
    • Final Fantasy 14
      • Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn
      • Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Awoken
      • Final Fantasy XIV Through the Maelstrom
      • Final Fantasy XIV Defenders of Eorzea
      • Final Fantasy XIV Dreams of Ice
      • Final Fantasy XIV Before the Fall
      • Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward
      • Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood
      • Final Fantasy XIV The Legend Returns
      • Final Fantasy XIV Rise of a New Sun
    • Skyforge
    • Final Fantasy 15
      • Final Fantasy XV
      • Final Fantasy XV Comrades
  • As a final note, the pictures in Final Fantasy 14 will be labeled by when that content can be done initially regardless of if I’m using/wearing later content things

Music Playlist Update

  • “Repeating History” added to playlist

Now, have a smashing Sunday all!


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