Remembering Jared Reed

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On February 5th, 2018 one of my best friends passed away. As of writing this I still don’t know the cause. I was already going through a depressive episode before getting the news so I’m admittedly still not sure where this whole post will go. I just know I wanted to do something so I’ll start rambling now. For those who don’t know me, I was one of the earliest members of an online group called The Page that originally was the first Marvel vs Capcom 3 group on Facebook back in 2010. Jared, along with most of my friends, was there since the beginning. Some members left for one reason or another but a small chunk of us stuck together through all the good and bad. It was back in 2012 with Marvel Avengers Alliance when it became a constant with few days of us not talking. Granted out conversations were largely hating the bull MAA would toss our way but it was always fun. He was a good player but PvP eventually got him to quit. Looking back at that, I didn’t even realize we became so integral in the others life for 6 years…I still remember talking about…just…everything. Even though he lived in Texas and I was in New York, it didn’t ever feel like there was a distance. It helped so many things one went through the other did as well.

We were always there for the other and were a great tag team/trio in Overwatch. He loved using D.Va and most people who watched his videos or saw his awesome D.Va hoodie would know that. But his real star was Zenyatta. He hated being forced to use D.Va above all else. He was fearless, especially when he knew I was there to back him up with Mercy. His playstyle was always…Hyper-aggressive is a word to describe it. But things would just seem to work out…most of the time, which Dee (our third team member) and myself would never let him live down. So he almost spitefully would always make terrible jokes and be a smartass about everything. I mean he was a smartass in general but with us, it wasn’t mean-spirited. Whenever we played and he got a text (his ringtone was Zenyatta’s “Into the Iris” line) we’d get confused and tell him to change it. He never listened so it became a reoccurring joke. Then there was “Oh god damn it” whenever he planned something great and it just didn’t work out. “Damnit Dee” was another whenever she did something wrong. And to not leave me out he’d reference my personal catchphrase and ask “Did you fuck up?” when my plans didn’t work out. It irked him to no ends that he’d get record holding Sombra hacks nobody but us would capitalize on or whenever Mei put up an ice wall that ruined his D.Va bombs. That one happened far more often than either of us would’ve liked to admit.

I could go on and on about Overwatch stories between us but I’ll probably just reference them in the character I made for him in Blessed Inversion Soul. He was so excited when I told him about it and I wish he could’ve seen it progress. Maybe he could’ve reminded me of some stories to slip in and inside jokes just for us. Our last conversation he said he wasn’t feeling too hot and went to the store that was a few minutes nearby to get some stuff for it. I was worried after the few days of him not messaging me but I figured he’d just come back and rant about his job again. That somebody fucked up something and he had to go in suddenly to help out. Sometimes I think he’ll come back or want to share something and remember he won’t be there. We were basically brothers. I mean whenever he was tired of social media and drama and just general internet being the…well…internet, he’d always say he wasn’t going to go off the radar and not respond to anyone. The only person he’d talk to would be the girl he was trying to date or me. No matter what he’d always be there and now he’s just…gone without warning.

Though I know others want to honor him by being the best in one of the games he loved I’m not sure I could. Just remembering everything we’ve done will probably keep me from Overwatch for a long time. Hopefully writing this or just doing stuff I know would make him proud will be enough. Maybe this all was narcissistic sounding and I shouldn’t have done any of this. But he’d want me to be honest and straightforward as best I could. I’m not religious but hopefully whatever took him was painless and wherever he went he’s happy and enjoying Black Panther. Also just taking the piss out of all those terrible DC movies and also Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. I’ll miss you and you’ll never be replaceable to me…

Marvelous J “War Machine/Shazam” Reed (9/15/1989-2/5/2018)

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