Blog Update 2-18-2018: Life and stuff

So it’s been a bit since we did one of these so let’s just knock it out of the way as fast as possible.

New/Updated sections

  • The main menu bar has been updated and also gained a new tab. First, Screenshots has been updated to function like the Series Guides. Clicking on the first will bring you to a page where you can directly go to the others. It also has a drop-down menu take you to each page. Right now they are
    • Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots
    • Final Fantasy XV Screenshots
      • Includes Final Fantasy XV Comrades
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Screenshots
    • Skyforge Screenshots
    • Digimon Cyber Sleuths Screenshots
      • This is being added immediately as of tonight and even has a free post there.
  • If I start to do more, it’ll be updated as I have with new series. Moving on, next to Screenshots is the new Speedruns tab. With me getting back into Speedrunning through Dissidia Final Fantasy NT I decided to share all my archived runs past and future. As you can guess, more game stuff is getting shared here so that should be fun. I’m not a pro or anything so hopefully, you can enjoy my averageness.

Personal Update

  • If you saw the pinned memorial post you can probably imagine the mental state I’m in but as the saying goes life goes on. I’ll not forget him but staying singularly focused would be just as unhealthy as pretending it didn’t happen. Also lost job so…least I have free time now. Apparently, the decision was made same day he passed so that’s a neat fun fact. It has been quite the week. But hey, at least I more or less made up with co-writer so U.G.M.P isn’t in a Fantastic Four style bubble just sitting there being harvested slowly or replaced rather than actually being written for. Not sure how long it’ll take to restart but you can add that to the list of things alongside whatever existing/new stuff I got going on.

I’ll try to keep busy so hopefully, that’ll help with moods and such. Talking with people is nice but I’m a bit stubborn and it is a bit easier this way. But basically, I have more time for writing/speedrunning so probably more content for you guys. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to do a Monday/Wednesday/Friday update cycle. We shall see.

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