Player Select- Tsuyasu

“I’m going to show the universe just how dirty the Guardian Corps really is.”


Tsuyasu Ozak was the second son of elite General Kana Ozak of the Guardian Corps. Born on the Space Colony Poluyim, he was a prodigy like his older brother Char and his younger brother Xiao. Together, the trio rose through the ranks. Known as the Emerald Knight on the battlefield, he fought with his V.C Sword & Shield along with a matching suit of armor. All made of the same emerald metal that could absorb enormous amounts of energy. His skills got him selected to join Project: LOKI and become a Super Soldier. The process was successful and allowed Tsuyasu to perform cryokinesis with a thought while slowing his aging rate. For years he worked as one of their greatest weapons thanks to this. However, for reasons unknown, Tsuyasu defected and took Xiao hostage. Forming the Militia, an Anti-Guardian Corps organization. He leads a campaign to bring the organization down at any cost…

  • Health
    • 200
  • Move Speed
    • Average
  • Height
    • Average
  • Resistant
    • Cold Damage Immunity
    • -25% Bullet Damage
    • -25% Edged Damage
  • Vulnerable
    • +50% Fire Damage
  • Passive- V.C Armor
    • Donning his emerald V.C Armor, Tsuyasu is immune to Energy Damage
  •  Species
    • Human-Seical
  • Class
    • Hero Tank
  • Affiliation
    • The Militia


  • Primary- V.C Sword
    • With his emerald V.C Sword, Tsuyasu carves through the opposition. If you negate an oncoming Energy attack with his V.C Sword, your next attack will deal bonus damage.
      • Edged Damage
  • Secondary- V.C Shield
    • Using the V.C Shield, Tsuyasu can defend allies standing behind him from ranged attacks. Like his V.C Armor, it negates Energy Damage. If it blocks an Energy based attack, it will cost no Stamina.
  • Special- Shield Throw
    • Enemy harassing you? Throw your V.C Shield to temporarily stun them and give you a chance to close in. Until you pick up your V.C Shield once more, your Secondary will be locked but you’ll gain a new Special attack.
    • Blunt Damage
      • Ice Lance (Replaces Shield Throw when V.C Shield is unequipped)
        • When you aren’t wielding your V.C Shield, you can create an Ice Spear to throw at your enemy. Piercing them and dealing Damage Over Time for 5 seconds.
        • Cold Damage
  • Ultimate- Ice Wave
    • Unleashes the deepest cold he can. Creating a wave of ice in a straight line that Freezes enemies in place for 5 seconds and dealing Damage Over Time for the duration. If the target is hit with an Explosive or Fire attack, they’ll be freed from the stun early but be dealt double damage.
      • Cold Damage


  • Hard counter to energy and cold weapons
  • Can shield allies
  • Able to respond to a variety of situations
  • Resistant to most projectiles and Edged melee attacks


  • Skillset doesn’t build upon itself
  • Only proper ranged weapon comes at the expense of being able to shield himself and allies
  • Highly vulnerable to Fire damage


Tsuyasu is an anti-Energy Tank who changes as the battle requires.  He harasses enemies reliant on energy based weapons, can defend allies when needed, and counter with ranged attacks of his own if needed.

Unique Dialogue

Hero Selection (General)

  • Nobody dies on my watch.
  • This is Tsuyasu, I’m on the battlefield.

Hero Selection (Winning)

  • Don’t worry, I’ll make this quick.
  • Time to seal our victory.

Hero Selection (Losing)

  • Rally on me, we can still win this!
  • I knew I should’ve gone out first…


  • Hate to do this but I’m retreating.
  • I…got careless…


  • I’ve recovered, returning to the frontlines.
  • Don’t expect the same tricks to work on me this time.
  • Clone or not, I’m taking you down for good.

Encounter Enemy Se’ Novar

  • This…might be tough…
  • Gonna need backup here.

Encounter Enemy Char

  • Stop getting in my way Char!
  • You can’t ever make it easy can you?

Enemy Char Kill

  • I’m sorry…
  • Don’t worry, I’ll keep protecting Xiao.
  • If only you just listened to me…
  • We could’ve been on the same side…

Encounter Enemy Green Pyramid

  • My armor is perfect for dealing with you.
  • I won’t even break a sweat.

Encounter Enemy Ratchet

  • Tell them the truth or I’ll cut it out of you!
  • This was a long time coming.

Enemy Ratchet Kill

  • Next time, don’t play god.

Encounter Ally Se’ Novar

  • We might be on the same side but don’t get too close to me.
  • Keep your flames to yourself.

Encounter Ally Char

  • Just like old times isn’t it?
  • Think you can keep up with me?

Witness Ally Char Defeat

  • You’re gonna die for that!
  • No…I…I couldn’t protect you…
  • Why didn’t you just stay with me…
  • I won’t forgive you for this!

Encounter Ally Green Pyramid

  • You don’t have to like me. Just follow my orders.
  • Sure you don’t want to join me?

Encounter Ally Ratchet

  • This changes nothing between us.
  • Just stay away from my men.

Encounter Enemy Dr. Frost

  • Never did fully trust you.
  • Wait…are you just a clone?

Enemy Dr. Frost Kill

  • Was that the real one or just another fake?
  • Real or not, I enjoyed that.

Encounter Enemy Xiao

  • I know that’s not you Xiao. Stand down!
  • Please don’t make me do this…

Enemy Xiao Kill

  • I didn’t…I didn’t want to win…
  • Damn you Char…

Encounter Enemy Dirge

  • Took you long enough to go traitor.
  • What, tired of us already?

Encounter Ally Dr. Frost

  • Don’t go too crazy Doc. Leave the frontlines to me.
  • Is this really you or just another clone?

Witness Ally Dr. Frost Defeat

  • Someone get the clone ready.
  • I knew you shouldn’t have come…

Encounter Ally Xiao

  • Take it easy Xiao. Let me lead the charge.
  • Are you sure you’re up for this?

Witness Ally Xiao Defeat

  • NO!
  • Bastard, I’ll make you pay for this!

Encounter Ally Dirge

  • Go wild Dirge, we don’t need survivors.
  • Nobody dies on my watch. Even you Dirge.

Encounter Enemy EX-III

  • That design…so familiar…
  • Kids shouldn’t play with war machines.

Enemy EX-III Kill

  • Wait…did I just…
  • I won’t sleep well tonight…

Encounter Enemy Agro

  • You should be on my side Agro.
  • Stay in my way and I’ll move you by force.

Encounter Enemy So-So

  • Does the Guardian Corps have any limits?
  • You really should not be here right now.

Encounter Enemy Mai

  • It’s not too late to switch sides.
  • Sorry, but this has to be done.

Encounter Ally EX-III

  • When this is over we need to have a talk…
  • So…think you could make me one of those?

Witness Ally EX-III Defeat

  • I’m going to make this as painful as possible!
  • I don’t care about the mission anymore. I’m killing you!

Encounter Ally Agro

  • It’s always good to work with a veteran.
  • How about stay on long term? We could really use you.

Encounter Ally So-So

  • I like your style. Just…don’t tell anyone okay?
  • Setzen or not, let me focus on the fighting.

Encounter Ally Mai

  • Thank you for sticking around. I appreciate it.
  • Don’t worry, I’ll do my job so you can do yours.

Enemy Hero Kill (General)

  • Took out the King, now for the Pawns.
  • Enemies down, time to make our move.

Enemy Hero Kill (General, Neutral affiliation)

  • Nothing personal. Just on opposite sides.

Encounter Enemy Tsuyasu

  • Did Frost do this? Or was it…
  • I really hate clones…

Encounter Enemy Char & Xiao

  • Don’t feel Tsuyasu…you have a job to do…

Encounter Enemy Dr. Frost with Ally Dr. Frost

  • Great…another rogue Clone…

Encounter Ally Char & Xiao

  • Never thought we’d all be together again…

Encounter Respawned Ally Dr. Frost

  • Never gonna get used to that…

Ally Hero Defeat (General)

  • I told you not to die…
  • I’ll avenge you…

Random Dialogue (Azura)

  • With all this water things should be easier for us.

Random Dialogue (Neutral Stage)

  • Let’s make this quick team. They didn’t ask for any of this.

Random Dialogue (Project: ASGARD)

  • If we capture this base, they’ll never recover.
  • So many memories…Time to burn it all down.

Random Dialogue (Guardian Corps Stage)

  • I don’t care how long it takes. We’re taking this place down.

Random Dialogue (Black Site)

  • If we lose here then everything we worked for was for nothing.

Random Dialogue (Militia Stage)

  • Let’s teach them a lesson for breaking into our home.

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