Player Select- Dr. Frost

“Don’t worry about dying. I’ll just clone you if you do.”


Doctor Ulysses Frost was the lead scientist in cloning and cryogenics throughout the galaxy. Seeing the value of this, the Guardian Corps recruited him to aid in their science division. For a while, he was content to continue his research with a larger budget. But having to take orders never sat well with him. But the moment he was chosen to be the lead scientist in Project: LOKI his inner fire was lit once more. Since then he has been observing his greatest experiments progress. When Tsuyasu defected from the Guardian Corps, Dr. Frost followed without a second thought.

  • Health
    • 150
  • Move Speed
    • Average
  • Height
    • Average
  • Resistant
    • Cold Damage Immunity
    • Damage over Time Immunity
    • -50% Fire Damage
  • Vulnerable
    • +25% Shock Damage
  • Passive- Cryo Suit
    • Using his custom-designed Cryo Suit, he’s immune to Cold Damage, all damage over time effects, and takes reduced Fire damage
  • Species
    • Human
  • Class
    • Hero Tank
  • Affiliation
    • The Militia


  • Primary- Cryo Gloves
    • With his original design, his Cryo Gloves are able to fire frozen spheres through the air. Slowing targets for 3 seconds.
      • Cold Damage
        • Cryo Gloves Mk.II
          • Under the effect of Flash Freeze, his Cryo Gloves fire fully charged frozen sphere exclusively and at a faster rate. Slowing the targets and adding a Cold Damage over Time effect for 5 seconds. Sub-Zero Effect lasts for the next 3 seconds upon its first triggering.
            • Cold Damage
            • Can only be used as a Sub-Zero Effect
  • Secondary- Freeze Beam
    • Combining the cryotechnology in both gloves, Dr. Frost can fire a concentrated beam of ice that pierces barriers and freezes targets in place. While active, he’s unable to move and drains ammo at double its normal rate.
      • Long Range Channel
      • Cold Damage
        • Absolute Zero Beam
          • Under the effect of Flash Freeze, the Freeze Beams become even more powerful. Piercing and freezing targets in place but without using any extra ammo. Sub-Zero Effect ends when the Channeling ends.
            • Long Range Channel
            • Cold Damage
            • Can only be used as a Sub-Zero Effect
  • Special- Ice Wall
    • A master of his craft, you can create an Ice Wall to block off pathways, defend against enemy attacks, and even as a movement tool for 5 seconds. Using Freeze Beam on Ice Wall will restore its Health and stop its timer.
      • Health
        • 200
      • Resistant
        • -50% Fire Damage
      • Vulnerable
        • n/a
          • Iceberg
            • Thanks to the effect of Flash Freeze, Dr. Frosts Ice Wall becomes twice as durable and lasts twice as long. Dealing Cold damage to enemies who are too close to it while active. Using Freeze Beam on Iceberg will restore its Health and stop its timer. However, the Sub-Zero Effect will only remain for the first 10 seconds then revert to a standard Ice Wall immediately after.
              • Health
                • 400
              • Resistant
                • -75% Fire Damage
              • Vulnerable
                • n/a
  • Ultimate- Flash Freeze
    • Overload the nuclear core that powers your Cryo Suit to unleash a wave of absolute zero cold in a small area around him. Freezing all enemies caught in their tracks. If activated, the next ability used within 10 seconds will gain a “Sub-Zero Effect”.
      • Cold Damage


  • Has the longest attack range of all tanks
  • Able to easily slow and freeze fast targets, including vehicles, in their place
  • Ice Wall/Iceberg can easily disable enemy vehicles
  • Strong against enemies reliant on damage over time effects
  • Counter to Fire damage reliant enemies
  • Can seal off and easily prolong the duration of sealed off routes
  • Sub-Zero Effects can be used both offensively and defensively


  • Susceptible to targets immune to Cold damage
  • No defense against up close targets
  • Poor damage output
  • Poor Ice Wall/Iceberg placement can harm allies rather than help
  • Ice Wall/Iceberg blocks ally vision as well as the enemies
  • Prolonging or repairing Ice Wall/Iceberg leaves him highly vulnerable
  • Has no special defenses beyond Ice Wall/Iceberg. Making him the most vulnerable of all Tanks


Dr. Frost is an Anchor Tank who uses his mastery over cryotechnology to slow and freeze all enemies in their tracks. Preferring to support another Tank from afar while closing off the enemies escape options.

Unique Dialogue

Hero Selection (General)

  • Don’t worry about dying. You are replaceable.
  • Nothing like participating in an experiment.

Hero Selection (Winning)

  • Did you really need my help?
  • I suppose it’s wise to learn from their mistakes.

Hero Selection (Losing)

  • If you need something done right…
  • You are all useless without me.


  • My clone…will avenge me…
  • For the original…


  • I’ll succeed where the original failed.
  • Can’t keep a good clone down.
  • Do you know how much clones cost?

Encounter Enemy Se’ Novar

  • Would someone kindly assist me?
  • I’ve prepared for this eventuality. Have you?

Enemy Se’ Novar Kill

  • That was a uncomfortably close.

Encounter Enemy Char

  • Tsuyasu doesn’t want you dead. I on the other hand…
  • I didn’t defect I just…followed the winning team.

Enemy Char Kill

  • Never bring a sword to a cryo suit fight.
  • If Tsuyasu asks, I’ll just say you were a clone.

Encounter Enemy Green Pyramid

  • Impressive armor, I must know how it works.
  • A tactical retreat would be wise…

Enemy Green Pyramid Kill

  • Now to loot-I mean appropriate that armor…

Encounter Enemy Ratchet

  • Ulysses Frost, master exterminator!
  • Now to prove that I am the smartest!

Enemy Ratchet Kill

  • If you were so smart you’d still be alive.
  • Looks like I got the last laugh this time rodent!

Encounter Ally Se’ Novar

  • Never thought we’d be working together.
  • Shall we show them what fire & ice can do together?

Witness Ally Se’ Novar Defeat

  • I suppose I’ll clone you just this once…

Encounter Ally Char

  • Just like old times wouldn’t you say?
  • It’s cute you still think we’re the bad guys.

Witness Ally Char Kill

  • How…unfortunate…
  • Perhaps I’ll condition your clone a bit.

Encounter Ally Green Pyramid

  • Don’t mind me, I won’t get in your way.
  • Sure you wouldn’t mind staying with us?

Witness Ally Green Pyramid Kill

  • That’s not good.
  • What a waste of bio-armor…

Encounter Ally Ratchet

  • The smartest minds together again. Nostalgic…
  • This alliance is temporary. Don’t forget that rodent.

Encounter Enemy Tsuyasu

  • I suppose this was bound to happen sooner or later.
  • I made you, I can just as easily unmake you.

Enemy Tsuyasu Kill

  • Such a waste…oh well, I’ll clone you later.
  • I’ll make sure your clone learns from your mistakes.
  • Did you really think you could beat me with ice?
  • Such a waste of materials…

Encounter Enemy Xiao

  • Can’t say I’m surprised by this.
  • I knew Project: LOKI was shoddy craftsmanship…

Enemy Xiao Kill

  • Tsuyasu is not going to like this…
  • If you weren’t a failure, this might’ve been problematic.

Encounter Enemy Dirge

  • Finally decided to turn on us?
  • Oh dear…

Enemy Dirge Kill

  • That was…an experience…

Encounter Ally Tsuyasu

  • Try to avoid dying. I’d prefer not we didn’t have to replace you.
  • Don’t worry about me. I can handle myself in a warzone.

Witness Ally Tsuyasu Defeat

  • Oh god damnit…
  • Great…time to clone him…again…

Encounter Ally Xiao

  • Try not to die, your brother would never forgive me if you did.
  • Why must I babysit?

Witness Ally Xiao Defeat

  • Nononononono, someone get a medic!
  • Damnit…the one person I can’t just replace…

Encounter Ally Dirge

  • I look forward to seeing you in action.

Witness Ally Dirge Defeat

  • I hope that hurt. Next time you’ll learn to dodge.

Encounter Enemy EX-III

  • Such clunky craftsmanship. I’m not impressed.
  • Did you make that in a garage?

Enemy EX-III Kill

  • Oh I do not feel good about this anymore…

Encounter Enemy Agro

  • Came for my bounty eh? Took long enough.
  • Think you can catch me this time?

Enemy Agro Kill

  • You never were as smart as you acted.
  • Zen can’t save you now.

Encounter Enemy So-So

  • Go home, this isn’t a place for you.
  • How did you get such advanced tech?

Enemy So-So Kill

  • You shouldn’t have tried to play soldier.
  • You were doomed the second you left the stage.

Encounter Enemy Mai

  • Step aside, clones are the future.
  • There’s still a chance for you to fallback.

Enemy Mai Kill

  • A clone of you would be quite valuable.
  • I really wish you didn’t make me do that.

Encounter Ally EX-III

  • After this you should let me improve on that design.
  • Let’s annihilate the enemy shall we?

Witness Ally EX-III Defeat

  • I told you not to get overconfident.
  • Knew I should’ve modified that suit for you…

Encounter Ally Agro

  • The enemy of my enemy is my friend Agro.

Witness Ally Agro Defeat

  • Great…now I need to send Zen a clone of you…
  • Get back up, you’re no use to me dead.

Encounter Ally So-So

  • I can’t believe you’re working with us…
  • Try not to die. I’d rather not waste a clone on you.

Witness Ally So-So Defeat

  • What did I JUST say?! *Sigh* Fine, someone prepare my lab.
  • This could’ve been avoided if you were more serious.

Encounter Ally Mai

  • With us together, death can become a bad memory.
  • I look forward to our potential together.

Witness Ally Mai Defeat

  • Of all the people to die…I wish you weren’t one of them…
  • NO! You do not get to die today!

Enemy Hero Kill (General)

  • I didn’t even need a clone to do that one.

Encounter Ally Ratchet, Agro, and Mai

  • Why are all the smart people on the frontlines?

Encounter Ally Tsuyasu & Ally Xiao

  • Ah my two favorite lab rats. Try not to die on me.

Encounter Enemy Dr. Frost

  • Another rogue clone? Really, this is just getting repetitive.
  • So the original sent you?
  • I forget, which one of us is the original?

Enemy Dr. Frost Kill

  • I enjoyed that a little too much.

Encounter Respawned Ally

  • Welcome back to the land of the living. Now get to work.

Ally Hero Defeat (General)

  • Write the name down, I’ll clone them soon enough.

Random Dialogue (Azura)

  • So much water at my disposal. They won’t know what hit them.

Random Dialogue (Neutral Stage)

  • This could be worse I suppose.

Random Dialogue (Project: ASGARD)

  • Ah the memories. I wonder if they ransacked my lab yet…

Random Dialogue (Guardian Corps Stage)

  • You know, I kind of miss the facilities.

Random Dialogue (Black Site)

  • Everyone take defensive positions. I’m not losing another lab.

Random Dialogue (Installation 4-22-1)

  • Is there no place they won’t follow us?

Random Dialogue (Militia Stage)

  • They’re getting bolder. Let’s teach them a lesson shall we?
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