Blog Update 3-27-2018 *Witty Title*

Been a bit since I did one of these. I’ve been busy so let’s try to go over it all shall we?


  • I’ve finally gotten back into Speedrunning and am even one of the mods for the new Dissidia Final Fantasy NT speedrunners on SRC ( It’s pretty fun and still growing. New people I met even helped me get a fancy overlay and re-setup my OBS for streaming. So the runs I feel are best will be shared here. Hopefully, I can get to running other games I had in mind too. Just a matter of finding the time…

Screenshots + Schedule

  • As you can tell. I have a lot of screenshots and have been sharing them on my “off” days. Right now between this and speedrunning stuff, the schedule will basically be
    • Monday- New Written Content or Video
    • Tuesday- Screenshot
    • Wednesday- New Written Content or Video
    • Thursday- Screenshot
    • Friday- New Written Content, Video, or Screenshot
  • This way I can still keep writing for you all but not get overwhelmed by trying to keep the rather destructive schedule I had before…
  • Screenshots are also being shuffled around a bit. Rather than having their own individual drop down pages that will need to be updated manually every single day, I updated it to go to their respective categories instead. That way you can go by game and updating will be far less intensive. But because some of the older screenshots tied to the original pages instead of standalone posts, I’m going to be sort of…sprinkling them throughout the weeks till they’re all reposted properly. Will suck not having them in proper order but it happens. Minor sidenote, Icons are being shifted to the games series rather than just a snippet of the image itself. Just looks easier to tell things apart in the long run.

PGE Discord

  • The online group I run, The Page, has a new Discord if any are interested. It’s gonna have news, chat, and streaming parties as we continue to grow. Hope some of you can swing on by and enjoy!

Articles Section Updated

  • Besides my Comic Reviews (which have been updated with the following entries) all articles have been organized including putting the Miscellaneous Articles in order of release.
    • Comic-Reviews added
      • Spawn #282- Dark Horror “Finale”
      • Spawn #283- Homecoming
      • Injustice 2 #46- Thinking Small
      • Injustice 2 #47- Up and Away
      • Injustice 2 #48- The Dark Side of the Moon
      • Injustice 2 #49- Keeping Secrets
      • Injustice 2 #50- Aftershocks

That’s all I can think of off hand. Enjoy the update!

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