LoE #2: Quest for Salvation


Testa Vitae, the Shell of Life, is the last known true safe haven from the Angels who plague the universe. For most of us, it’s the only home we’ve ever known. For some of you, it’ll be the only home you’ve ever known. But how did it get to this point you might be wondering. It all started two centuries ago in what used to be called the Solar System. There the resident Humans and Colonists were split into three warring factions. Unfortunately, the reason for the fighting was lost to time as was the victor in their dispute. All we know is that there was a brief age of peace before the Angels struck. They fought valiantly but the Angels were simply beyond them and their technology. The ravenous Lamina ex quad Vitae Malum, unrelenting swarms of Inferna Versus, and the stalking Solitudinem Phasma are just a few of the Angels that threatened mankind. They had no choice and fled the Solar System in hopes of finding a new place to call their own. But each place they stopped was the same…planets laid to waste by the abominations not even reality itself wanted any part of…

However, the tide finally began to change when the Notes of Roanoke were discovered. It taught us the Angels origins, the glorious elemental Eodeb who sacrificed itself so that the Angels could be stalled, and the heretic Solomon who allowed this all to happen. His madness led to the birth of the Dark God Iblis and the damnation of all reality. Yes, he may have written the sacred text that has allowed us to survive this long…but one good act does not undo the harm he’s done. He saved our world but sent countless others to oblivion. An act we will not forget and shall not forgive. Curse the name Solomon and any who follow him. But I digress, with the Notes of Roanoke mankind was able to enhance their technology with Aether Crystals. The combination of technology and magic was enough to allow them to make a stand. But the old methods had failed. So we created a new one built around the very text that saved us. Thus, the Order of Eodeb was born.

The Order of Eodeb was founded on the Notes of Roanoke and the truths it held. The religions of old replaced for one far older. Though we knew that before the birth of the Dark God Iblis there were the twin Deities, the Creator Deus and the Destroyer Diablos, it was the actions of the elemental Eodeb that they looked to for example. For were it not for Eodeb’s sacrifice that spread light throughout reality we would have surely succumb to the Angels. It was the first High Chancellor Sev Ro’der who founded the Order of Eodeb and with a heavy heart that he created the Legion that protected us long enough to create Testa Vitae. For most of you, you’ve been living within the walls of our Holy Temple but for others, this is now your home. That is because you have a divine calling. While the people of Testa Vitae remain safe within its walls repopulating our species. You, the noble Legion shall battle the Angels wherever they may be. Liberating and purifying all that you come across. You have all been blessed with the inability to create young, an affinity for those like yourself, or have heeded the call by refusing to create the next generation.

I know for those new to the Legions would think these are all curses. That having to face down hordes of Angels in a battle to the bitter end was punishment for being who you are. But it is by the will of Eodeb that you’ve been blessed. All of our lives and those of the other species we offer safe harbor to depend on you and you alone. Should you prove your mettle you can one day join the Henshin Legion. Our most elite warriors blessed not only by Eodeb but the seven other Elementals that give the Aether life. While the Order of Eodeb is indeed important to realities survival, the greatest burden rests on the Henshin Legions shoulders. You will lead the charge where not even the Legions dare go. Facing threats they dare not face. But you’ve also power they’d only dream of. And your reward will be prestige and glory they can only dream of. Second, only to myself or pending my passing, whomever the current High Chancellor is.

Yet battle is not all the Legion is tasked with. Some are simply superior to others to fighting. In which case, you may find yourself amongst those sent to one of our Space Stations that remain operational. Protecting and working alongside the staff in whatever your scientific venture may be. With knowledge, we have survived the Angel Hordes and with it have gained both the skills and faith necessary to master this knowledge. Others may have the important task of being the final line of defense against the Angels. Protecting Testa Vitae from within its protective shell. Maintaining the fragile peace we have maintained. You’ve all been blessed with a great and glorious purpose. In the name of Eodeb, shun the heretics of Solomon! Purge the Angels he damned us to face! Retake our lost homes and guard Testa Vitae from those who’d see it destroyed! And do not forget, you are the chosen few. May the light of Eodeb shine upon you on your journey.

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