Player Select- Dirge

“That’s cute, you think you’re a threat.”


As much as the Guardian Corps prides itself on accepting members from a number of species, their attempts at robotics have been far less than successful. Unit-164 codenamed: Dirge, is the first successful Android. Fully autonomous, he is indistinguishable from a Human…so long as he isn’t using his built-in Arm Blades. At first, his programming had him serving as a loyal soldier but over time he became overtly more hostile and sadistic. Taking sick pleasure in combat. He didn’t care about the Militia or the Guardian Corps, all he wanted was an excuse to takedown Char…and the man responsible for creating him…

  • Health
    • 170
  • Move Speed
    • Fast
  • Height
    • Average
  • Resistant
    • -25% Blunt Damage
    • -25% Edged Damage
    • Immune to Hacking
  • Vulnerable
    • +25% Shock Damage
    • EMP deals additional Damage
  • Passive- Berserker
    • Dirge never tires and knows no mercy. He’s immune to Stuns and refuses to slow down.
  • Species
    • Android
  • Class
    • Hero DPS
  • Affiliation
    • The Militia


  • Primary- Twin Arm Blades
    • With his built-in Arm Blades, Dirge makes short work of enemies. Each swing dealing Slashing Damage
  • Secondary- Block
    • As much as Dirge loves attacking, sometimes you have to slow down. Using Block will reduce all incoming damage by 25% while active.
  • Special- Diving Whirlwind
    • There’s no escaping Dirge’s wrath. Dive towards enemies or out of harm’s way, dealing Slashing damage to anyone in his way. If he lands on an enemy Hero before reaching his maximum distance, he’ll perform a follow-up attack.
  • Ultimate- Execution
    • Pity is for the weak. Dirge sharpens his Arm Blades and for the next 6 seconds, if he retriggers Execution he’ll dash forward. If he makes contact with an enemy Hero, he’ll instantly defeat them in one move.


  • Stun immunity lets him stay within range
  • Only Machine immune to Hacking
  • Ideal for taking down enemy Supports and enemy Heroes
  • Diving Whirlwind gets Dirge into the fray and out of danger


  • No special effects
  • No ranged weapons
  • Vulnerable during Diving Whirlwinds follow-up attack
  • Diving Whirlwind does not add any extra distance if used while airborne
  • Execution can’t change direction


Dirge is a melee-focused Damage who gets in close and devastates enemies with unrelenting attacks. Never let up on the pressure and overwhelm your targets.

Unique Dialogue

Hero Selection (General)

  • Okay, who am I killing first?
  • Let the carnage begin!

Hero Selection (Winning)

  • Kicking ’em while their down? I like your style.

Hero Selection (Losing)

  • Look like I’m doing overtime tonight.
  • I honestly expected more from you guys.


  • Damn, returning for repairs…


  • Repairs complete. Returning to the slaughter.
  • No matter how many times you break me. I’ll keep coming for you!

Encounter Enemy Se’ Novar

  • The bigger they are, the more cuts it’ll take.

Enemy Se’ Novar Kill

  • Better look into a heat-resistant upgrade…

Encounter Enemy Char

  • I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this.
  • We settle this now Char!

Enemy Char Kill

  • Not so tough now huh!?
  • Took long enough…now for my old man…

Encounter Enemy Green Pyramid

  • Stop moving and let me hit you!
  • Think you’re faster than me Pyramid?

Enemy Green Pyramid Kill

  • Never bring a gun to a brawl.
  • He really lived up to the stories.

Encounter Enemy Ratchet

  • …Okay…

Enemy Ratchet Kill

  • I can’t even feel good about that one.

Encounter Ally Se’ Novar

  • Watch where you spit those flames.

Witness Ally Se’ Novar Defeat

  • There goes our shield…

Encounter Ally Char

  • Don’t get used to this Char…
  • You better not hold me back.

Witness Ally Char Defeat

  • Idiot…I was supposed to be the one to kill you!
  • Get back up so I can kill you!
  • What a shame…Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Encounter Ally Green Pyramid

  • I can’t wait to see you in action.

Witness Ally Green Pyramid Defeat

  • Damn…I liked him too…

Encounter Ally Ratchet

  • Keep me repaired and we’ll get along fine.

Witness Ally Ratchet Defeat

  • Will not be missed.

Encounter Enemy Tsuyasu

  • I always wondered which of us was better.
  • What? We both know you really want Char dead.

Enemy Tsuyasu Kill

  • That was ahead of schedule but I don’t mind.

Encounter Enemy Dr. Frost

  • You better have a lot of clones in reserve doc.
  • You should run now.

Enemy Dr. Frost Kill

  • Where’s the next?! I know you keep spares!
  • Machines are the future. Not your little clones.

Encounter Enemy Xiao

  • It’s time I put you down.
  • Better watch out for that lightning…

Enemy Xiao Kill

  • You really weren’t cut out for this.

Encounter Ally Tsuyasu

  • Give me a target and they’re dead boss.
  • Fine…I’ll only maim Char if I see him. Happy?

Witness Ally Tsuyasu Defeat

  • Damn, I needed him alive.

Encounter Ally Dr. Frost

  • Oh, great…you just had to leave your lab didn’t you?
  • What’s the experiment today Doc?

Witness Dr. Frost Defeat

  • You need to stop dying for science Frost.
  • That never gets old.

Encounter Ally Xiao

  • Xiao, if we both go wild they won’t stand a chance.
  • This isn’t training Xiao, don’t hold back.

Witness Ally Xiao Defeat

  • If you didn’t hold back you’d still be alive.

Encounter Enemy EX-III

  • This is gonna be fun to carve up.
  • Your little suit won’t stop me.

Enemy EX-III Kill

  • Act like a grown man, get treated like one.

Encounter Enemy Agro

  • Hello mother, where’s father?
  • What’s wrong? Still not proud of your son?

Enemy Agro Kill

  • Shoulda told me what I wanted to hear.
  • Who’s a failure now?!

Encounter Enemy So-So

  • Don’t waste my time kiddie.

Enemy So-So Kill

  • Moving on…

Encounter Enemy Mai

  • Nothing personal. But medics gotta go first.

Enemy Mai Kill

  • Onto the next target.

Encounter Ally EX-III

  • No kill like overkill am I right?

Witness Ally EX-III Defeat

  • Was that suit really just for show?

Encounter Ally Agro

  • I must suck having to work with me.
  • Don’t die on me. I still need you to find father.

Witness Ally Agro Defeat

  • Whatever…

Encounter Ally So-So

  • Great…babysitting duty…

Witness Ally So-So Defeat

  • Shouldn’t have tried to play soldier.

Encounter Ally Mai

  • Don’t worry about me. I’m an Android.

Witness Ally Mai Defeat

  • Oh well.

Enemy Hero Kill (General)

  • Who wants to die next?

Enemy Tsuyasu, Char, or Xiao Kill

  • One Ozak down, three to go.

Enemy Tsuyasu, Char, & Xiao Killed

  • Okay General, you’re next.

Enemy Char Kill with ally Tsuyasu

  • See Tsuyasu? I have self-control…mostly…

Encounter Enemy Char, Xiao, and Tsuyasu

  • Three on one? You shoulda brought more.

Enemy Char, Xiao, and Tsuyasu Kill in same battle

  • I’m the Ultimate Weapon. You didn’t stand a chance!

Encounter Enemy Dirge

  • I’ve found you faker!

Enemy Dirge Kill

  • You’re not even good enough to be my fake!

Ally Hero Defeat (General)

  • Great, more work for me…

Random Dialogue (Azura)

  • Ugh…I hate water…

Random Dialogue (Neutral Stage)

  • Collateral damage is fine. Just make sure you stop the enemy.

Random Dialogue (Guardian Corps Stage)

  • Now where’s Char…

Random Dialogue (Oceanus Base)

  • Any place fathers touched with be destroyed.

Random Dialogue (Militia Stage)

  • We’ve got an infestation boys. Let’s exterminate them!
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