Quick Blog Update 4-23-2018

Time for a quickie. I’ve gone through my WordPress again and done two primary updates.

  • Screenshots
    • Thumbnails have been fixed to all be unique! So it’s not just a massive icon or the picture itself. Be sure to check them out!

 Old Screenshot Thumbnail


New Screenshot Thumbnail


  •  Spoilers
    • The Characters section for the Cursed World has been updated. Rather than going by individual series and being kinda spoilery on a number of levels. I’ve updated it so they’re split by “Seasons” which is done in alphabetical order and has the icons for the series they appear in (in order no less). This way it gives a gauge to when a character first appeared and keeps it neat. I’ve also added a “Profile” and “Design Notes” button. The profiles have been moved to that as naturally expected but Design Notes is something new you can enjoy getting a gander at on Wednesday.

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