Design Notes- Black Ice (Henry “Hal” Sharp)


Henry “Hal” Sharp, better known as the superhero Black Ice, was adopted into the Sharp family from infancy. Raised in a fairly middle-class family, he grew into a mostly fine young man. Though on the surface he appears fairly outgoing and carefree, his more negative traits are kept firmly beneath the surface. Insecurities about being adopted and his own dark skin being the most prominent. Both of which has been justified to an extent from his life growing up. Despite this, he still always goes with his best foot forward. Inspired by the comic books he grew up on, he strives to be a paragon in action whenever he can both in and out of costume. He stands around 5’8 and keeps a simple fade haircut and cleanly shaven at all times. Even before gaining his powers, he was naturally physically fit through his history with capoeira and inline skating helped tone his frame. The most noticeable trait about Hal, however, is his blue eyes. A side effect of his Inversion powers manifesting for the first time.


When being a normal civilian, Hal is a surprisingly generic dresser. Choosing to often wear simple short-sleeved shirts, basketball clothes, jeans, and sneakers. Nothing that’d especially set him out in the crowd. What really sets him out in the crowd is his Black Ice costume.

Designed by a cosplayer website he found online and slightly modified by Jey, it consists of a sleeveless black lycra uniform with soles built into the feet. Blue lining around the shoulders and neck. A single blue snowflake over his belly button that was modified to act as a makeshift pocket for his Inversion Registration Card. Black covers cover his hands and his mask consists of a bandana with two straps that go down past his shoulders. The brim of the bandana lined blue to add more visual flair and the eye holes are covered with blue tinted lenses. Unfortunately obscuring many facial expressions he wishes he could properly convey. Overall it’s a very minimalist design to fit the name Black Ice and lets him remain mobile. Although because it’s made of lycra, it does little in the way of actually providing meaningful protection to Black Ice. Relying largely on his frozen gauntlets and greaves or just outright avoiding harm with his skillful use of ice.

Miscellaneous Notes

Black Ice has emulated classical heroes in both personality and appearance. Giving him the most optimistic and positive style of heroism to contrast the others leads. Especially as the most publically visible of the heroes. Whether on his own or in a crossover, he provides a positive outlet for the story. Not to say the others don’t have their moments, but he’s the most overt and direct about it. Yet when he has to be serious, he’s able to focus and get down to the nitty-gritty. Though he knows how to fight he isn’t as experienced as SWAT-Spider or formally trained like the Inhibitors. But he makes up for it with creativity. Even going so far as to learn about different types of ice he can try and make. One day, he’ll live up to the honor of being the first public superhero. As a final fun fact, his name “Black Ice” is itself a bit of a play on how African American heroes/villains have a habit of just having “Black” tossed in front of something else whether it’s coincidence or not. Looking at you Black Vulcan, Black Manta, Black Lightning, Black Samson, Black Panther, and Black Goliath.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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