Design Notes- Metatron


Prince Metatron is the son of Grigori, King of the Reapers. Born of both Valkyrie & Reaper blood, he is a one of a kind creature within the multiverse. A somewhat brash, hedonistic, and prideful man. He cherishes freedom and does as he wants when he wants. Like his mother, he has fair skin that allows him to blend in with most mortals should he choose to interact with them. He appears to be in his early 20s though being a Disir, it’s unknown what his true age is. His spiked hair shone a mix of gold and silver and matched his eyes. His iris starting silver towards the pupil before becoming a gold. However, most don’t realize he possesses two small horns that curved upward near the top of his hair. Both blending in seamlessly with his hair.


A curious warrior at heart, Metatron foregoes the normal style of Reaper cloaking. Rather than wearing it above a set of skeletal armor, he wears it draped around his waist. Covering him from the hips down as well as the forearms. Proudly showing off his athletic physique at all times while simultaneously taunting his enemies. Showing he is fearless in not only ignoring armor, but also wearing the bare minimum of his shroud, and showing his Angel threats just what they’re trying to consume. Keeping just enough to increase his mobility while fighting and summon his Scythe to either hand as needed. It also serves as a means of exerting his individuality amongst the sea of Reapers.

When he chooses to use his Valkyrie abilities, Metatron’s shroud transforms into smooth and elegant silver armor. All of which are form fitting to his body. Providing somewhat more protection than his normal shroud despite keeping its lack of modesty. He also summons a javelin to use in battle while accessing this power.

Miscellaneous Notes

Though he is fully capable of using both his Reaper and Valkyrie abilities simultaneously, he prefers to only use as much effort as needed. His hedonistic tendencies compelling him to often drag on fights with Angels that would normally be ended far sooner.

Final Comments

Above all else, Metatron has a deep loathing and fascination with Angels to the point of obsession. Being one of the few beings in reality who both enjoys and actively hunts the Angels. He hunts as he finds them and has a deep knowledge of The Rift and its Rift Relics. Though his actions can often appear chaotic, he is a surprisingly caring individual. You can count on him to do the right thing in the end even if what he does to lead up to it isn’t the nicest about it…or even admits why he was doing it.

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