Injustice 2 #58 (Space Bounty) Review Teaser

To bolster their ranks, the Titans have officially recruited Blue Beetle. But now he’s a prisoner of the Intergalactic Bounty Hunter Lobo. Will his first day as a Titan also be his last?


Injustice 2 #58

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Bruno Redondo

Cover Artist: Bruno Redondo

Cover Colors: Jose Villarrubia

Colorist: J. Nanjan

Letters: Wes Abbott

Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:

After being freed from the Phantom Zone, the Teen Titans set out to bring hope back to a world desperately in need of it. Redubbing themselves as the Titans; Superboy, Starfire, & Wonder Girl recruit Blue Beetle as their first new member. Unfortunately, right after the Titans leave Blue Beetle he and Booster Gold are attacked by Lobo, the intergalactic Bounty Hunter. With ease he dispatches the pair, taking Blue Beetle and fleeing. Though not before Booster Golds robot sidekick, Skeets, can put a tracking device of Lobos flying motorcycle…

What You’ll Find Out:

Minutes after Lobo’s attack in the previous issue, the Titans (Superboy, Starfire, & Wonder Girl) return to the ruins of Kord Industry to investigate. With the aid of Skeets, they locate Booster Gold partly hidden beneath the rubble. After getting him to his feet, Booster Gold tells them that Blue Beetle was captured by Lobo. The scene briefly shifts to Lobo as he travels through space. Blue Beetle awakens briefly, long enough for Lobo to say he has to keep the hero alive. But when Blue Beetle tries to break free, Lobo knocks him out once more with a single punch. Back on Earth, the Titans learn about Skeets tracker. Unfortunately, they need to become space-bound as soon as possible so they don’t lose the signal. Luckily, Superboy knows where they can get a spaceship. The Javelin stored within the Hall of Justice.


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