Design Notes- Inhibitors


When super-powered individuals could no longer be kept hidden in the Cursed World, the United Nations stepped forward with a solution. Use an Inversion based police force to deal with rapidly growing and largely unstable Inversion populace. Thus the Inhibitors were born as a special branch of NATO. With no singular country to claim them as their own, the Inhibitors could act freely as required. Its members were a range of ages and races from across the globe. While they acted as a police force, the Inhibitors are also meant to teach its members to properly control their powers. As such, the initial members of the Inhibitors were all individuals with powers deemed too dangerous to leave unchecked or could be useful in apprehending and locating Inversions. Unfortunately, this said little of their individual personality and skills with their individual powers.


Being a branch of NATO, the Inhibitors wear fairly standard combat fatigues. White camouflage long-sleeved shirts with several pockets over a black belt, matching pants, and combat boots. The white coloration was chosen specifically so they could have a distinct appearance that didn’t give direct ties to any one nation. It was specifically designed by Eclipse Labs and RajTEK to be lined with both Chameleon-Ware Fiber and the Faerie System. The Chameleon-Ware Fiber was specially designed by Doctor Khonshu and Raja Eishner of RajTEK to be able to alter its appearance based on the current country they were in. Allowing them to blend in with local law enforcement if necessary. The original designs, however, had to be pre-programmed by Director Sasha Boone to do this.

The 2.0 design was first worn by their newest member Ahmed Noonan/Blazer. This version takes a somewhat less militaristic approach. Restricting the camouflaged areas to the pants, arms, and the shoulders leading up to the neck. Leaving the chest a solid white while the knees got extra padding added to them. Padded gloves come with each uniform as an optional wardrobe choice and the combat boots are replaced with more maneuverable tactical boots that were worn under the pants rather than over it. Allowing them to move more easily while maintaining its protective nature. Both versions used the Faerie System which was designed by Professor Daniel Patherson of Eclipse Labs. Though unseen, the suit seamlessly taps into the wearer’s nervous system. Translating incoming and outgoing sound. Effectively acting as a translation device no matter where they went to let them be better effective at their jobs.

Miscellaneous Notes

Originally, the Inhibitors were meant to be a background group that was a glorified super-powered police force. But as the story grew and developed so too has their significance and the detail that’s gone into them.

Final Comments

Whether on-screen or off, they are one of the most important parts of the Cursed World as a whole. Being the ones who focus on and deal with the actual laws that’d go into dealing with a new super-powered species. This was something I really wanted to handle and show. As the first of their kind, it gives a lot of freedom in how they develop and how it’s written. Effectively, how the Inhibitors develop determines how the world around them develops. If the Inhibitors fail, that becomes a huge loss for Inversions around the globe.

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