Injustice 2 #59 (Starro the Conquerer) Review Teaser

The fate of the universe rests in Blue Beetles hands. But can the universe survive Red Lantern Starro the Conqueror long enough for him to save it?

IJ59coverInjustice 2 #59

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Xermanico

Cover Artist: Tyler Kirkham

Cover Colors: Arif Prianto

Colorist: J. Nanjan

Letters: Wes Abbott

Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:

Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns have come for vengeance against those who wronged them. Though they failed to kill Sinestro they succeeded in recruiting Hal Jordan into their ranks. In order to continue their quest and raze Oa to the ground, he recruits a new member into the Red Lanterns…Starro the Conqueror. Fully aware of the danger this poses, Metron of the New Gods hires Lobo to bring him the Blue Beetle to defeat Starro the Conqueror. While Lobo was successful in his mission, Blue Beetle is still inexperienced. Not only that, the Titans were quick to act and are now on their way to rescue their captured friend.

What You’ll Find Out:

Picking up immediately where we left off, Metron offers to pay Lobo to remain by Blue Beetles side as a bodyguard. While Lobo agrees begrudgingly, Blue Beetle is skeptical about being able to save the universe from Starro. But Metron stresses that Blue Beetle is the only one who can. While under the influence of the Red Ring his spores now spread his rage with it. To make matters worse, rather than simply mind controlling them he implies the hosts will now destroy themselves instead. Elsewhere, Hal flies alongside his fellow Red Lanterns to Oa. The Hallucination of Guy Gardner (who I’ll just call Guilt Gardner from now on) reminding him that after Oa Starro will go across the universe. Eventually getting to earth and more importantly, Carol Ferris. This manages to reach Hal and he attempts to flee.


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