Special Blog Update 6-3-2018

Time for another set of updates so let’s get down to it.

Updated Toolbar

  • A rather minor one but I’ve updated the main toolbar for ease of access
    • Design Notes added as a drop-down menu for Lore
    • Meet the Characters Renamed to Roster
    • Worlds of Aeternum Cast renamed to Multiversal Characters

Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Logo Update

  • With Chapter 8 of Blessed Inversion Inhibitors released the team has been reborn. So to fit their rebirth and the whole Season 2 vibe, they’re getting a revamped logo to let them stand on their own two feet instead of having hints of Blessed Inversion Golden Age tossed in


  • A special shout-out goes to Sixth Saint Masamune for helping me with redesigning the logo into it’s new more unique form. Now it changes the font from the default and also removes the icy lettering which was a rather unnecessary reference to Black Ice and Blessed Inversion Golden Age. A relic of the original series concept.

Quality of Life Thumbnail Update

  • To make the thumbnails flow better, I’ve decided to remodel all of them to somewhat emulate the Screenshots design with the addition of the chapter number being visible in the corner. They will be added over the next day or so so keep an eye out! (Sidenote, the date of posts being published has been removed from the front page. With me being consistent with updates it’s not entirely necessary)
  • Ideally, this will make everything look better on the front page and keep the thumbnail posts at least somewhat uniform.

Pride Month 2018

  • It’s that time of year again when you let that rainbow colored flag fly majestically like Spawn’s cape…just…anywhere. That thing just doesn’t have a non-majestic mode. Anyway, this time I’m prepared to properly rep the rainbows like I should. Last time I decided to reveal some of the present non-straight characters I had and also added the LGBT/LGBTQ tag. Not super big or even all that impressive. So what will I do this time?
    • New Rainbow Themed Banner for the month
    • Pride Month variant thumbnails for a number of series you can take a gander at some of them below
    • The LGBT/LGBTQ Round-up 2.0. This time with more in-depth details about each character instead of just essentially outing them.
      • Metatron (Black Valkyrie/Bisexual ⚥⚥)
        • The Half-Valkyrie/Half-Reaper star of Black Valkyrie treads the middle ground. Part due to the fact that while both Reapers and Valkyries are physically capable of feeling love, physical attraction, and the act of love-making. Only Grigori was granted that ability through Loki’s magic. Being the result of that, Metatron has no grasp or concern with it being a man or woman. Though he is unlikely to stay longterm with either.
      • Cerise the Just (Aetherius Saga/Lesbian ⚢)
        • The Elven Sage of Nature and best friend of Jon the Compassionate prefers to keep her same-sex attractions to herself. While elven culture has no objection to it, her well-known position as one of the Seven Sages does make it somewhat problematic. A number of kingdoms have starkly negative views on homosexuality and being open about it could spark needly conflict against her kingdom. Her objectivity winning over emotion and forcing her to live a life of solitude.
      • Jon the Compassionate (Aetherius Saga/Gay ⚣)
        • The Sage of Water and main character of Aetherius Saga is in a somewhat more…problematic position than Cerise. While Jon was born a Mage he was raised as a Highlander. Mages frown upon homosexuality in any form while Highlanders are somewhat more tolerant. Unfortunately for Jon, they see it as shameful to be the receiving partner and look down on them intensely. Seeing them as no longer being men. Added in with his less than ideal youth on the Isle of Caldra and Jon largely keeps it to himself. Choosing to only share with those he trusts or to wander before it can be discovered.
      • Ly’ Jug the Merciful (Aetherius Saga/Bisexual ⚥⚥)
        • The Werewolf Envoy for Ly’ Enchina and Sage of Ice is another special case being the only Sage open about his orientation. His position as both Sage, Werewolf, and the envoy responsible for creating a somewhat stable peace between two Kingdoms providing him with multiple layers of protection. He’s survived numerous failed assassination attempts and has earned their begrudging respect. Though they may speak behind his back, none dare to question his preferences at the risk of starting a war.
      • Silver of the Aether Lance (Aetherius Saga/Gay ⚣)
        • Member of the Eternals Guild and husband to Slash the Bloodvain, Silver is a skilled Elven lancer. Elves are all about freedom so his relationships were never once brought into question.
      • Slash the Bloodvain (Aetherius Saga/Gay ⚣)
        • Leader of the Eternals Guild and husband to Silver of the Aether Lance. As a Dhampir, Slash (or rather Amyerain of Crystopa) was born in the Kingdom of Celestia. Vampires being largely sexual creatures don’t care what gender you end up with or even if you’re just using them for food. Were it not for Jon protecting him on the Isle of Caldra, his life might’ve turned out far differently. But since it didn’t, he’s now happily married and leader of a well respected Guild.
      • Storm the Red (Aetherius Saga/Bisexual ⚥⚥)
        • Leader of the Redmail Guild, Storm is a silly character. He’s full of himself to the point of being delusional. He does actually have skills, one of which is being quite the romantic. Though his haughty personality has led to his romantic ventures being resounding failures…
      • Tal of Jova (Aetherius Saga/Gay ⚣)
        • The Trelzan Ninja Assassin of the Eternals is fittingly another gay character. Like the Elves, Trelza don’t care about one’s orientation so it was never a particular issue for him. As a Ninja, it was often used as a tool for retrieving information from special targets.
      • Black Ice/Henry “Hal” Sharp (Blessed Inversion Golden Age/Bisexual ⚥⚥)
        • Black Ice returns to Pride Month as the star of Blessed Inversion Golden Age. He is one of my more openly active daters throughout my series and has had a number of romances in the past. Though so far only three have appeared. Despite his openness with a lot of things, Hal remains closeted though he wishes he had the option to be more open about his current relationship with Jey.
      • Construct/Rory Tymchyshyn (Blessed Inversion Inhibitors/Gay ⚣)
        • Construct is one I always planned to be gay but never actually got a chance to do anything with it. Perhaps in future appearances should they happen it’ll play a factor…
      • Reflex/Naegi Jun (Blessed Inversion Inhibitors/Lesbian ⚢)
        • Reflex is one I intentionally didn’t make her orientation public knowledge. Besides being the late 90s when it was still fairly unsafe to be out and proud, it wasn’t in her personality to share such things. Before having to take up the mantle as leader of the Inhibitors, she was always a fairly serious person. But now that she’s opening up and being looser in her leadership, she may bring up her feelings…
      • Soul/Ji II “Jey” Connors (Blessed Inversion Soul/Gay ⚣)
        • Jey was one of the characters who was created with his orientation being in mind. Though in this case, it happened to evolve into him dating the main character. While Hal has more desire to be open about their relationship, Jey is the one who primarily tries to keep it a secret. Being the primary strain between the two though it’s something neither can really change.
      • Surge/Daniel Preston (Blessed Inversion Golden Age/Gay ⚣)
        • Hal’s ex-boyfriend and now a member of Biohazard’s mafia. He’s a self-centered sadist without a good bone in his body. One must wonder what Hal saw in him in the first place…
      • Kim Park (Center of Crisis/Gay ⚣)
        • Unlike the rest of the people on this list, Kim is open about his orientation without fear of it backfiring in some way. Though unlike the others, the focus on his Olympic career has greatly cut into romantic ventures. Though he’d prefer strictly physical arrangements regardless. Not that it matters with Kaiju attacking…
    • There are other LGBT characters on the way and some who are still undecided. Either way, all will be handled like the living things they are and not just a checkbox.

Novel Update!

  • Been awhile since I talked about novels. But I’m here to officially announce the pending title for Blessed Inversion Volume 1: Rise of the Pheromaster! Simply put, it’s the novelization of Blessed Inversion Season 1. It’ll include the following
    • Blessed Inversion Prologue
    • Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 1-5
    • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 1-7
    • Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 1-8
    • Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster Event
  • All of the above will be put in chronological order. But why would you buy this when you have the free version here? Well besides it being a means to support me and keep me writing the content you hopefully enjoy there will be some fun perks to make it different but not force you to only buy it.
    1. Extended scenes
      • Being a book and not constrained by me trying to make it conveniently sized for an audience on the go, some scenes will get extra/slightly altered dialogue.
    2. Additional scenes
      • Since chapters don’t have to end like episodes and due to being put in chronological order, there will be some more segway scenes to connect them.
    3. Extra details
      • Naturally, beyond the additional and extended scenes, there will be extra details and descriptions given to previous scenes to paint an even more vibrant picture.
  • Together, these additions should be enough to make it stand on its own but not take away from the free version. Kind of like the Gundam Compilation Films. I’m working hard on it now and when it’s done I hope you’ll be able to check out and enjoy the final product! I will say this now, I won’t be stopping making content for my other series. This new idea I have will take time and hopefully will be out by the end of the year. But you might see an increase in other articles or things like Profiles & Design Notes pop up.

That’s it for this update. Hopefully, you enjoyed the fun facts and are excited for the new novel idea! Happy Pride Month and thanks for dropping by!


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