Injustice 2 #60 (Attack on Oa) Review Teaser

Starro the Conqueror has come. While Blue Beetle & Lobo continue their journey to stop him and the Titans try to find Blue Beetle, the Red Lanterns begin their assault on Oa…


Injustice 2 #60

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Xermanico

Cover Artist: Tyler Kirkham

Cover Colors: Arif Prianto

Colorist: J. Nanjan

Letters: Wes Abbott

Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:

The Red Lanterns are no longer willing to sit idly by and with the newly recruited Hal Jordan & Starro the Conqueror make way for Oa. In hopes of stopping this and saving the universe, the New God Metron has hired Lobo with the task of bringing and protecting Blue Beetle. At the same time, the Titans make for space to save their missing friend.

What You’ll Find Out:

The Titans continue their journey through space on the Javelin to locate their missing friend. The onboard alarm continuing to blare without any signs of stopping. As they begin to approach Blue Beetles destination a proximity alarm triggers alongside the previous alarm. But they are unable to react as Lobo crashes his motorcycle into the front of the Javelin forcing them to stop. Superboy goes out to meet the Bounty Hunter. Lobo, having a history with Superman, references that he’s had trouble facing someone with that same logo in the past and is prepared this time. Loading his pistol with a kryptonite bullet and firing at Superboy. Luckily for him, Wonder Girl deflects the bullet and saves his life. Metron intervenes to de-escalate the situation. After Skeets explains who the New God is, Starfire asks him a simple question. How to turn off the alarm on the Javelin.


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