Spawn #287 (Sending a Message) Comic Review Teaser

Spawn goes deeper into Compound 8 and finds himself face to face with the remains of Overt-Kill. What cruel fate awaits Al Simmons?


Spawn #287
Writer: Todd McFarlane
Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander
Cover Artist: Todd McFarlane
Colorist: Jose Villarrubia
Letters: Tom Orzechowski
Publisher: Image Comics

What You Need to Know:

After returning to the United States, Spawn has been on a mission to locate Demons holding high positions of power. Allowing himself to be arrested and sent to prison. The goal to eventually land in the special facility Compound 8, where only the worst criminals are kept. Including the once mighty Overt-Kill…

What You’ll Find Out:

This chapter opens with the ruined remains of the once mighty Overt-Kill. Having been reduced to just a torso and head after years of imprisonment. But the showcase of his former enemy doesn’t last as Spawn is handcuffed and chained to hanging hooks much like Overt-Kill. The Secret Agent has given up on trying to get answers out of Spawn and has switched to outright torture. Noting that he fully suspects that Spawn isn’t even human after the autopsy incident several chapters ago. At this point, the Secret Agent says he just wants Spawn to die since his consistent survival has been the problem. Leaving while his men begin the torture. After an unspecified amount of time, he tells Spawn that the torture can stop if he just tells them what he knows. Spawn replies that he does know something and that he’ll be coming for the Secret Agent tonight. The torture continues for twenty minutes before they finally resort to electrical torture. But like with the autopsy, the machines go haywire and an explosion shoots the door of the hinges. Security arrives just in time to find that the guards watching Spawn are now the ones hung up to the hooks…Later that night, Spawn pays a visit to both an old and new friend. The news reporter Marc Rosen who immediately thinks Al is Jim Downings, the previous Spawn.


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