Injustice 2 #67 (Return to Earth) Comic Review Teaser

After years of fighting and war it’s time to find a new path to peace on Earth…


Injustice 2 #67
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Daniel Sampere & Juan Albarran
Cover Artist: Bruno Redondo
Cover Colors: Alejandro Sanchez
Colorist: Rex Lokus
Letters: Wes Abbott
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:

In his quest to save the planet from mankind, Ra’s Al Ghul forged an alliance with King Solovar and Gorilla City. Setting into motion a devastating chain of events, including the release of AMAZO and the deaths of several heroes. In the end, while AMAZO was defeated only Batman’s daughter, Athanasia, was arrested…

What You’ll Find Out:


In the depths of space, Brainiac has returned to the Solar System. His sights once more set on Earth, he sends one of his drones to infiltrate their communications, take their world, and locate “the Kryptonian”. All references to Brainiacs actions within the Injustice 2 game which will be elaborated on later. We soon shift to Earth where Athanasia sits in a cell on Stryker Island before being visited by Alfred. Alfred comes offering food but drops the tray. Athanasia immediately being able to tell when he was resurrected through the Lazarus Pit he didn’t come back correctly. Alfred admits he’s still not back to what he once was but explains he came to talk to Athanasia. Not for an interrogation but to learn how she grew up. But the sharing doesn’t last long when Alfred’s show of compassion confuses her. He says as Bruce’s daughter, that makes her family, and asserts that Bruce isn’t nearly the demon she was raised to believe. We’re then immediately treated to a sight of Bruce & Selina eating cup noodles on a couch when Alfred returns home.


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