Update 7/29/2018 (Writing style upgrade)

It’s been some time since doing one of these but for once it’s because I haven’t done huge overhauls to any chapters or the site itself. No need to give patch notes when things aren’t in need of patching. However, there is one big update worth noting

Updated Writing Style

  • As the name suggests, I’ve updated my writing style a bit. How exactly? Well if you look at the first Season of Blessed Inversion it was very “novel” in how it was written. You needed all the pieces to make the full story. While that isn’t a terrible style and it fit for that event, it does make them less…coherent on their own. So from now on, they’re getting their own plotlines not as heavily dependant on the others. There will still be some crossover before events but not as heavily. So let’s get down to the examples!
    • Blessed Inversion Golden Age
      • Missing Arc
        • When Darcy goes missing, Black Ice turns to Doctor Khonshu for help in finding her. But she’s not the only one who’s gone missing…
    • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors
      • White Whale Arc
        • The Inhibitors were dealt a heavy blow by Pheromasters Attack. Now they’re rebuilding with aid from the new group called “the White Whale”…
    • Blessed Inversion SWAT
      • Change Arc
        • In the wake of Pheromasters attack, many things have changed for SWAT-Spider & RajTEK. For better or worse, all must adapt and change…
    • Blessed Inversion Soul
      • Guardians Arc
        • Soul begins his journey to purge Earth of its extradimensional visitors. Meeting a team of Inversions along the way who seem to know more about the Rift Gates than he does…

New Content

  • Remember how I wrote Comic Book Reviews? Well they’re coming here full time so you can read them here and at Comic-Watch.com! (Though naturally I won’t post any news here). With that said, they’ll also be counted on the daily post list though I haven’t quite figured out how or where yet. The schedule might take a bit of a shift to compensate for the three new things I’m going to be reviewing as well.

Top Menu Update

  • With Comic Reviews coming to the Worlds of Aeternum, they’re getting their own part of the tab. So here’s how the drop down menu will change
    • Series Guide (FORMAT CHANGE)
      • Comic Review Category (NEW)
      • Articles Page > Articles Category (CHANGE)
      • One-Shots (SAME)
      • Full World of Sages Guides (SAME)
        • Notes of Roanoke (SAME)
        • Aetherius Saga (SAME)
        • Aetherius Saga Stormraiders (SAME)
        • Aetherius Saga Empires (SAME)
      • Full Cursed World Guide (SAME)
        • Events (SAME)
        • Blessed Inversion Golden Age (SAME)
        • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors (SAME)
        • Blessed Inversion SWAT (SAME)
        • Blessed Inversion Soul (SAME)
        • Blessed Inversion Universe (SAME)
      • Multiverse (NEW PAGE)
        • Tales of the Æsir (NEW PAGE)
        • Black Valkyrie (SHIFTED)
        • Star Forgers (SHIFTED)
          • New Nebulas (SHIFTED/SAME)
      • Other Worlds (NEW PAGE)
        • Center of Crisis (SHIFTED/SAME)
        • Legions of Eodeb (NEW PAGE)
        • Soul Theives (SHIFTED/SAME)
        • Warzone-Aeternus (SHIFTED/SAME)
        • U.G.M.P (SHIFTED/SAME)

That’s it for this update, getting closer to the 400th Post and my Two Year Anniversary so get excited for that! Hopefully I can do something special for it.

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