Update 8/10/2018 (Quality of Life)

It is just like how it sounds. Over the last few days I’ve been working hard to doll up this site and I do believe its turned out quite nice. So getting down to it the changes are as follows

  1. All thumbnails are now all the same uniform size. The only time there will be an extra gap is if titles take two lines instead of one. Thumbnails that don’t have a frame have been scaled down in size to match this format.
  2. The Dissidia NT Speedruns have gotten updated unique thumbnails with the final times visible in the bottom right corner and the run type in the top bar
  3. Comic Reviews like the Dissidia NT Speedruns have gotten an overhaul. The top bar has the title, company of the comic, and the word review while the bottom right corner has the score.
  4. Top Bar image now displays the schedule I’m aiming for. So far I’ve kept up with it and I intend to keep it that way
  5. Full Series Guide has been updated for ease of navigation with boxes while maintaing a looser sense of chronology rather than a super accurate but super confusing one.
  6. Similarly, the Cursed World Series Guide has been updated for ease of navigation with boxes as well.
  7. The Side Bar has been updated and appears as follows
    • Follow Tab (NEW and also featuring a special message for before and after you follow the Worlds of Aeternum)
    • Search Tab (Same)
    • Archives (Same)
    • Categories (Same)
    • Personal Favorites (NEW and will show my top personal screenshots)
    • Music Tab (REMOVED)
    • Translate Tab (NEW)
  8. Copyrights for Sixth Saint Masamune and the characters he’s allowed me access to has been properly displayed at the bottom of the site beneath the standard copyrights. As more concepts of his get added, it too shall be updated

That’s all for now, hopefully it makes it all smoother and more enjoyable. Thanks for sticking around!

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