Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #30: Rangers Together

The war against Lord Drakkon reaches its climax. Can the Rangers save the Morphing Grid and reality with the aid of…Rita Repulsa?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #30
Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo
Inker: Simona Di Gianfelice
Colors: Walter Baiamonte
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Cover Art: Jamal Cambell
Power Morphicon Variant Cover: Goñi Montes
Vintage Variant Cover: Jordan Gibson
Legends Comics & Games Fresno Variant Covers: Buzz
Legends Comics & Games Fresno Variant Colors: Joana Lafuente
Color Spotlight Variant Cover: Joana Lafuente
Local Comic Shop Variant Cover: Felipe Massafera

The Adventures of Blue Centurion & Ninjor
Writer: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: Bachan
Colors: Jeremy Lawson
Letters: Jim Cambell
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Original Review Date: August 16, 2018


In another timeline, Tommy Oliver never defected from Rita Repulsa’s command. Remaining her loyal Green Ranger and usurping the White Power Coin. Merging the two together to become the almighty Lord Drakkon. Though he was temporarily defeated by the original Mighty Morphing Team, he remained relentless. Evading a failed assassination attempt by Saba and beginning a new campaign. Shattering the Morphing Grid and the timeline in the process. With each Ranger Team as their own unique reality, he rages a war to gain both their powers and full access to the Morphing Grid. One by one, members of numerous teams fall and are captured. But the Power Rangers, no matter the timeline, never get up. While Lord Drakkon bolsters his own power, the Rangers make preparations to reunite. Seeking unlikely allies in the form of the Witch Rita Repulsa…


This issue opens up with Zordon & Doggy Kreuger meeting with Rita Repulsa. Unfortunately, Doggy & Rita butt heads right out the gate. Were it not for the levelheaded Zordon their attempt at an alliance would be ruined as soon as it began. Zordon informs Rita about Lord Drakkon’s impending threat but she is already aware of him and enjoys watching him chase the Rangers. Not even the reminder that she might die along with the rest of reality doesn’t dissuade her. Rangers don’t intimidate her, even ones conquering reality itself. But her tune begins to change when Zordon and Doggy tell her that Drakkon isn’t just a Ranger but a sorcerer who’s using her magic. Magic he gained after murdering his version of Rita. A fact the original Rita was entirely unaware of. Zordon admits he wouldn’t be here if there was truly a better alternative, but he needs Rita’s help to save everyone’s life. At the same time, Lord Drakkon is informed of the gathering Rangers by Finster-5. But he doesn’t care, now that he has the Ninja Steel added to his powerset he can simply wait for the Rangers to come to him. No more chasing them across reality. Now he can just let them come to him and take the last Morphers he needs.


We’re now treated to several scenes of numerous Rangers preparing for the ensuing battle while Jason Lee Scott (Mighty Morphing Red) gives a rousing speech. Dr. K (Power Rangers RPM) has the Rangers line up so she can make their Morphers immune to Lord Drakkon’s demorphers if they haven’t already. Jen & Eric (Time Force Pink & Quantum Ranger) reunite for the first time since the end of Power Rangers Time Force. Magna Defender (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy) and Phantom Ranger (Power Rangers Turbo) having a brief conversation about neither ever removing their helmets. Jack Dealgoode (Hyperforce Yellow) and Dustin (Ninja Storm Yellow) talk weapons while Trini & Billy (Mighty Morphing Yellow & Blue) create a mech suit for Coinless Trini (The Trini who survived Lord Drakkon’s conquest) so she can join the battle. Grace offers Ranger Slayer (The Kimberly who survived Lord Drakkon’s conquest) a final chance to see her former allies but she declines, putting the mission first. Jason finally nears the climax of his speech. Reminding everyone that no matter how many powers Lord Drakkon takes, he will never be a Ranger like they are and they’ll fight together no matter what win or lose.


Kimberly compliments Jason on the speech but he admits he had Lauren (Samurai Red) write it for him. He then tells Kimberly that symbolically, Jason should be on the front lines with the rest of the Rangers. Leaving her to pilot the Megazord. With without the Pterodactyl Zord, she can’t pilot it. To remedy that, he gives her the Dragon Dagger and along with it the golden vest. Later that day, the Rangers teleport to Lord Drakkon’s World where his army awaits. Including the new Dino Charge Ptera Sentries and Jungle Fury Rhino Sentries. Jason & Lauren exchange one last look suggesting romantic feelings between the pair before Lord Drakkon’s new Space Silver Sentries attack from the skies using jetpacks. Scattering the Rangers briefly before they begin their final battle.


While the Rangers do battle; Zordan, Doggy, Ninjor, & Rita arrive at Lord Drakkon’s throne. Dispatching the Red Tyrano Sentries upon arrival. Rita can sense the all too familiar magic and summons a disturbingly familiar green candle. Back on the battlefield; Rangers and Zords from across reality battle fiercely. Some keeping their usual carefree approach while others take a more tactical approach to save energy. But the tide quickly shifts when Lord Drakkon himself arrives, dispatching Levi (Ninja Steel Gold Ranger) with a single strike. Stripping of his power while Gia & Noah (Super Megaforce Blue & Yellow) watch on confused at the revelation he can absorb their power with his Saba. To make matters worse, Lord Zedd’s Zord Serpentera arrives on the battlefield. Destroying the Wild Force Megazord (Power Rangers Wildforce), Ninja Megazord (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), and Storm Megazord (Power Rangers Ninja Storm) in one mighty breath before eating the Dragonzord ~Battle Mode~ (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) whole. Several Red Rangers attempt to stop him but are easily dispatched. Lord Drakkon seemingly absorbing Carter’s (Lightspeed Red Ranger) power to add to his collection. But this leaves him open as Kimberly shoots him in the chest with the Dragon Dagger. Lord Drakkon is unconcerned but for some reason, he feels suddenly weak and retreats.


Upon returning to his throne room, Lord Drakkon finds Zordon’s group waiting with Rita sitting upon his throne. He asks what Rita did and she shows him a new Mystical Candle made just for him. That while he did a good job of becoming nigh unstoppable his powers is still based on hers. Rita tells him that when the candle burns out he’ll be powerless, but she doesn’t intend on letting him live long enough to reach that point. Zordon & Doggy are naturally not pleased with this decision but their argument gives Finster-5 a chance to use Lord Zedds staff to knock them out and save Lord Drakkon. Unfortunately, Lord Drakkon is all too familiar with its limitless range and knows that his time is numbered. Finster-5 wants to run tests but Lord Drakkon is unwilling to slow down. The battle is far too close for him to falter now. As always, Finster-5 warns him once more that absorbing powers from sets he already has will make him unstable. That it will kill him but Lord Drakkon can feel his powers rapidly fading and refuses to back down. Finster-5 expresses great concern for Lord Drakkon’s well-being once more. Being thanked by the mad tyrant before he snaps his neck. With no more obstacles in his way, he reabsorbs power from the Morpher’s he’s still in possession of as the chapter ends…


In the New Adventures of Blue Senturion & Ninjor, the pair continues their search for the Power Rangers behind museum robberies. Ninjor discovering the same slime that Blue Senturion discovered on previous crime scenes. But while Blue Senturion thinks the lead is dead, Ninjor knows it’s not slime but putty. The same putty Finster uses to make his monsters. With their new lead, the pair leaves to find him.


Final Thoughts

There is so much going on I don’t even know where to begin. Shattered Grid has always been filled with fanservice but this was literally overflowing with it. Tons of cameos of Rangers, Zords, Morphers, and our first dialogue from a Hyperforce Ranger! The art is gloriously vibrant befitting the Power Rangers franchise. While we didn’t get an insane amount of Ranger conversation beyond a few scenes, the ones we got were nice. The loophole to stop Lord Drakkon’s power is the same Green Candle Rita used to give him his powers in the first place was a nice touch I didn’t see coming. There are so many little gems to note I couldn’t possibly list them all here. From the background cameos of various Rangers to the return of Serpentera from the Dungeons & Dragons show Power Rangers Hyperforce, and the surprise return of various villains. But as I’ve said before, the Shattered Grid is probably the best ongoing event of 2018 and a true love letter to all Power Rangers fans. Being worthy of being an anniversary event that celebrates all things Ranger. Even if you aren’t necessarily a fan of Power Rangers this is a great comic worth checking out. Everything that’s built up over the months has been leading up to this and I can’t wait to see the ending.

Oh, and the Adventures of Blue Senturion & Ninjor are silly and cute. A nice mood shift after the Shattered Grid proper.

Rating: 10/10

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