Injustice 2 #72: Kneel Before Grodd

Gorilla Grodd’s coup d’etat is in full swing. How many lives will be lost before the night is over?


Injustice 2 #72
Writer: Tom Taylor
Penciller: Bruno Redondo
Inker: Juan Albarran
Colorist: Rex Lokus
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Cover Art: Bruno Redondo
Cover Colors: Alejandro Sanchez
Publisher: DC Comics
Original Review Date: August 22, 2018


In his quest to save the planet from mankind, Ra’s Al Ghul forged an alliance with King Solovar and Gorilla City. Setting into motion a devastating chain of events, including the release of AMAZO, the deaths of several heroes, and the death of the United States president. But that was the past, now former enemies are attempting to forge peace. Unfortunately, thanks to aid from Brainiac, Gorilla Grodd was able to return from his exile and begin his coups against Gorilla City. Claiming the badly injured Ra’s Al Ghul for himself from the newlyweds Killer Croc & Orca. Leaving only King Solovar and the remaining Suicide Squad members to be dealt with. All the while, President Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning) sits idly by. Unwilling to aid someone who was responsible for kidnapping his own children…


In Wayne Manor, Alfred is on one of the last landlines in existence. Calling someone to ask a favor. He wants their help watching after someone when it’s revealed, he’s calling the Fortress of Solitude. That he wants Jonathan & Martha Kent to watch after Bruce for him before saying goodbye. Immediatley, we shift to Gorilla City where a lone sentry tries to raise the alarm only to be hit with a spear and killed mid warning. Grodd has arrived with his forces and Ra’s in tow. He wants Ra’s alive to witness the fall of Gorilla City and to see how they are superior to him. Lucky for Ra’s, Poison Ivy and the Suicide Squad arrive to retake him.


Deadshot threatens Grodd to leave but the mercenary has no immunity to Grodd’s psychic powers. Easily succumbing to his order not to shoot. Captain Boomerang asks why he can’t shoot and Deadshot replies that he can’t. Man-Bat decides to take matters into his own hands and flies to face Grodd. But before Man-Bat can reach his target, Captain Boomerang notices Grodd holding an all too familiar tablet…the Detonator to the Suicide Squads bombs which Grodd uses to kill Man-Bat unceremoniously. Claiming that he owns the Squad now. Poison Ivy wants to escape but Ra’s knows they can’t and only have one hope. He slips away while King Solovar confronts Grodd once more. Grodd has no plans of failing this time and reveals he has Solovar’s son under his control. Unwilling to let his son die, King Solovar accepts the ultimatum Grodd presents. If he dies, then his son lives. But Solovar senses the previous conversations Grodd had with Brainiac and is horrified. The horror doesn’t last long though as he’s killed by Deadshot with a shot to the head.


As Solovar dies, Ra’s makes his desperate plan. Contacting Bruce via Brother Eye. Ra’s tries to warn him about Grodd but much of his message is lost when Grodd takes control of his mind. Ra’s is unable to fight the compulsion to return to Grodd but is able to make a final request, that Bruce save the world for his grandchildren. Ra’s then kneels before Grodd, struggling to break free from his control all the while. The effort is in vain as his head is soon crushed by Grodd. The only enemies he had left in Gorilla City now gone for good.


Bruce frantically searches for Alfred after receiving Ra’s plea only to find the butler standing at the door with suitcases. Bruce is naturally confused but Alfred explains he didn’t plan on leaving without saying goodbye. He doesn’t tell Bruce where he was going and asks to not be followed since he can’t help Bruce. That despite being resurrected by the Lazarus Pit, he didn’t truly return. That he isn’t all there. Bruce explains that Ra’s just died and he needs Alfred for the peace talks but Alfred stands firmly by his decision. That being in the mansion is painful for him seeing how much Bruce needs him and being unable to help him. He refuses to be a burden or be looked after for by Bruce. It was his job to look after Bruce and he expresses his immense pride in the Dark Knight and even calls him his son and loved him before leaving for good this time.


Final Thoughts

Gorilla Grodd has finally made his move and as always it was a bloody one. It’s honestly a bit odd seeing Ra’s Al Ghul die so easily. But then you realize he really doesn’t have any special powers and has no defense against Grodd’s psychic attack. Same for the entirety of the Suicide Squad. As always, the dramatic lighting is stunning and really sets the tone for each scene it’s used in. Especially towards the end and just anything Grodd does. They really have a grasp on how to make things seem more emotional or intense. Alfred’s departure really gained the most from it (While it is awesome for Grodd, he does it quite a bit. Alfred, not so much) as it builds the scene better. We know how important Alfred is and since his death and resurrection, they’ve shown how negatively affected he was by the ordeal. All of which finally culminated in him leaving. Giving off the vibe that he believes he’s an entirely different person in a way post-death. Which is supported by his repeated use of past tense.

But with that, we now reach the end of Injustice 2. As a whole, it was a largely successful follow up to the original Injustice and Injustice: Ground Zero comics. It covered almost all the loose threads from both the comics and the first game while building up to the sequel. All the while showing us new content as well. Unfortunately, there are still a few threads left unanswered (The fate of the Atom and the Legion of Super-Heroes come to mind) but they aren’t super major ones. If anything, should an Injustice 3 come out we might just get the answer in yet another sequel comic. Should that happen, if they keep the same creative team I’d gladly go back to reading it.

Rating: 9/10

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