Update 10/13/2018 (Upcoming Content)

It’s that time again. That time when I do the update on things I really should’ve done ages ago but was too caught up with things.

Quality of Life Updates

  • Probably noticed but the site has gotten another quality of life fixes. Something so I can streamline and make it easier for all of ya’ll
    • Chapter titles have been streamlined for ease of reading rather than simply doing Chapter than the title. Changes are as follows
      • Aetherius Saga > UNCHANGED
      • Aetherius Saga Empires > AS Empires
      • Aetherius Saga Stormraiders > AS Stormraiders
      • Blessed Inversion Golden Age > BI Golden Age
      • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors > BI Inhibitors
      • Blessed Inversion SWAT > BI SWAT
      • Blessed Inversion Soul > BI Soul
      • Black Valkyrie > UNCHANGED
      • Center of Crisis > UNCHANGED
      • Legions of Eodeb > LoE
      • New Nebulas > UNCHANGED
      • Notes of Roanoke > UNCHANGED
      • Soul Thieves > UNCHANGED
      • Star Forgers > UNCHANGED
      • Tales of the Æsir > CHAPTER TITLE ONLY
      • U.G.M.P > UNCHANGED
      • Warzone-Aeternus > UNCHANGED
    • The full series guide has been upgraded for uniform font size as well as integrating the Annuals and One-Shots
    • Reviews in the Ongoing Series & Articles tab have been broken up into three categories: Comic, Film, & Anime Reviews
    • Marvel’s Spider-Man has been added to the screenshots section
    • Thumbnails are being gradually resized and given frames for more uniformity beyond gaps made by long titles
    • Old Comic Reviews are renamed along with the Thumbnails that display the logo, company, and score. Most are also being reformatted into my current reviewing style instead of wall-of-text full breakdowns
    • Reviews that aren’t originating on this site are getting an added “Original Review Date” to let you know when it was first done. This way you don’t get confused between new review posts and old reposts
    • Speedrun Thumbnails also display the final time, game, and run type while having normalized titles
    • Banner has a schedule now for uploads
    • The right sidebar has been changed to be more simple as well. No more screenshot showcase

Upcoming content

  • Cursed World is taking a new approach and I’ve properly planned out the chapters. So now each has a proper plot and not just pieces leading to an event.
    • Blessed Inversion Golden Age Season 2: Hero of Silver Plains
      • ≈Chapter 6-15
    • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Season 2: White Whale
      • ≈Chapter 10-17
    • Blessed Inversion SWAT Season 2: War on Crime
      • ≈Chapter 8-18
    • Blessed Inversion Soul Season 1: Rise of Magic
      • ≈Chapter 1-12
    • Blessed Inversion Universe Season 1: New Age of Heroes
      • ≈Chapter 1-???
  • Events
    • Blessed Inversion Season 2 Event
      • As you can guess, the end of each season will be met with a crossover event. I won’t spoil what’s going to happen but I will share what series will be involved…
        • Blessed Inversion Golden Age
        • Blessed Inversion SWAT
        • Blessed Inversion Universe
    • Rising Stars Event
      • After being announced during the first 2018 Annual, Radiant Pulsars will be getting a special series leading into it. I considered doing this across numerous New Nebulas but that isn’t what New Nebulas is about. So I hope you look forward to and enjoy what I come up with

Upcoming Updates

  • The Recommended Reading tab for Season 2 onward for the Blessed Inversions will be updated at the end of each season. Similarly, the full chapter list for the Cursed World will also be updated then
  • Exclusive reviews are on the way so stay tuned!

That’s it for now. Can’t wait for you guys to see what’s in store for the future!

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