500th Post Celebration! (& Knuckles)

To commemorate 500 posts I decided to do a question & answer and it…did not turn out how I expected it would. But I already set out to do it so there’s no backing down now! Answering in no particular order…

What is your name?


What is your favorite color?

If I can’t pick Rainbow then Sky Blue.

What is the flight speed of an unladen swallow?

No idea what an Unladen Swallow is but I’m guessing faster than I can run.

What’s your skin softening secret?

I don’t have one. My skin is kinda soft naturally but it’s mostly just hellishly dry. Maybe I was just born soft?

If you had to delete one game from existence? What would it be and why?

Image result for Marvel Avengers Alliance 2Marvel Avengers Alliance 2. If that thing had never come to life as a cheap cash-in, Marvel Avengers Alliance could’ve very likely survived instead of sinking with its failed spin-off.

Who wins: Spawn or Goku?

Well, this is a tough one with the whole power scaling thing. I’m going Spawn and not just because I love him. Unlike Goku, Spawn is notoriously hard to kill and the only one who succeeded was…well…himself. Which required decapitating himself. Goku isn’t the type of person to, even in a deathmatch, go for a decapitating blow. His best weapon against Spawn would be his God Ki (Ultra Instinct is technically stronger but as far as we know involves 0 God Ki) which we can assume is a literal divine energy source. That means that Spawn is susceptible to it.

Image result for super saiyan god goku

Unfortunately for Goku, Spawn is without a doubt far smarter. Between his time as a Soldier & Hellspawn, he has more tactical know how. Add in his supernatural magic and chains and he has a number of ways to deal with Goku. Without going too non-canon, Goku has been shown to be injured by normal weapons in both Fusion Reborn by the Demon Janemba as well as standard gunfire in Super. We also know the likes of Frieza can be cut down by a non-mystical sword. We also know Goku can and has been bound by Ki Chains (Thanks Majin Vegeta) and can’t see in the dark (Fitting I keep using references from the magical Buu Saga for this). While it has been shown that Dabura’s sword could be broken if caught (much like Trunks sword multiple times), this seems to mostly be when they are aware of and capable of stopping them. Similarly to how they were unprepared for getting shot in Super so it actually left a scratch. He’d need to be aware of and catch ALL of Spawns Chains which seemingly have no end and are capable of transforming. If he did grab it, it can easily make spikes pop up under his hand while he’s unprepared.

Related image

Given the magical nature of Spawns Chains, his affinity for darkness, as well as using it for both movement and attack this would be a glaring weakness to exploit against the Saiyan. Goku could very likely sense Spawn since he would give off Demonic Energy but hitting him would be something else entirely. Simply put, while in the darkness his form is…abstract…to say the least. But most significantly, Goku always builds up when fighting. Spawn simply goes for the kill when you aren’t of significance to him so it’s very likely Goku wouldn’t get a chance to use his best tool, God Ki, against the Hellspawn. Even then, Spawn has beaten both God & Satan. Granted Dragon Balls pantheon is…convoluted to say the least, Goku hasn’t technically beaten an outright God. Beerus was never beaten and Merged Zamasu got erased by Zen-Oh.

Basically, if Goku can survive the first minute and obligatory slow build up and get to either of his God modes he might be able to feasibly kill Spawn. He can very likely hurt him if he can land a hit but nothing that would be fatal. Let alone in the right body part to make it fatal. Goku “could” very likely be fast enough to punch Spawn in the head. However, Goku has never once shown he’s strong enough to punch through a body like that. The only time he has was through a Ki Blast or a Ki Powered Headbutt/Fist. Both of which aimed for center mass which means nothing to Spawn. It’d very likely turn into a war of attrition and Spawn wins that battle every time.

Who wins in a fight: Donald Duck or Daffy Duck?

Image result for Daffy DUckDaffy Duck. I admittedly don’t know too much about Donald but from what I’ve seen in regular Disney stuff and Kingdom Hearts, he still deals with real physics. Daffy not so much most of the time. Assuming we did add Kingdom Hearts stuff Daffy would easily survive it. Also, he has Duck Dodgers so there’s that.

What does q and a stand for?

Question and Answer. I assume this was meant as a joke but I’m adding it anyway so it may be immortalized.

Whats “one” science fiction or fantasy you wish would be true?

Yu-Gi-Oh because I’ve always wanted to duel someone with holographic monsters that may or may not actually cause physical harm.

What most inspired you to write?

I always had a talent for writing. When I was younger I’d write stuff but was thinking I’d do it as an artist or game designer. But my attempts at learning art have been…mixed at best when it comes to actually execute it and game designing never panned out. So I kinda just stuck with what I was already good at and improved from there. Eventually, after my brother took my shitty fanfictions and read it I decided to do my own original things totally not out of spite or anything. But the realization that if I’m doing this why don’t I just make my own original works? And I did. And it was good. But then I kept getting inspired by series I enjoyed/loved like Godzilla, Onimusha, the X-Men, and most notably Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Who are your biggest inspiration(s)?

Image result for jojo's bizarre adventureI guess it ties into the previous question but Hirohiko Araki, Nobuo Uematsu, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, and Todd McFarlane are first off the top of my head.

Who are your top 10 favorite characters? These can be from books, movie, TV, video games, comic books, manga, anime, and cartoons.

This will be a toughy but here goes…

1- Spawn/Al Simmons (Spawn)Image result for Spawn

2- Cyclops/Scott Summers (X-Men)Image result for Marvel Scott Summers

3- Lord Drakkon/Tommy Oliver (Power Rangers Shattered Grid)Image result for Lord Drakkon

4- Megaman Volnutt/Trigger (Megaman Legends)Image result for Megaman Volnutt

5- Superior Spider-Man/Otto Octavius (Spider-Man)Image result for Superior Spiderman

6- Ultimecia (Final Fantasy 8)Image result for Ultimecia

7- Onslaught (X-Men)


8- Starscream (Transformers)Image result for IDW Starscream

9- Captain Kuro (One Piece)Image result for Captain Kuro

10- King Ghidorah (Godzilla)Image result for king ghidorah

Who are your 5 most favorite characters to write for?

Oh dear…yet another tough one…

1- Orcus the Drake Emperor
2- SWAT-Spider/Steven Kessler
3- Doctor Khonshu/Kreon Galanis
4- Loki
5- Storm the Red

Who is the most challenging character to write for?

Probably Raja. He’s based off a friend of mine. Unfortunately, since I haven’t been able to really talk with him or watch his streams in some time, I worry I forget how to properly capture his essence. That or outright just not doing it justice which worries me.

Who’s the easiest character to write for?

Black Ice, a lot of him is based on me in a non-ego stroking self-insert kind of way. I more just borrowed bits of my background and used it to shape his personality along with the new stuff gained from his actual background. So I just have to play me with semi-stable mental health or at least is just generally more positive. Plus I just write him like a standard classical total Paragon Superhero.

Favorite husbando?

Image result for sami zaynSami Zayn. I mean just look at him. But I’m guessing you mean not in real life. In which case, my vote goes to Yun-Seong from Soul Calibur.
I love his designs even beyond the fact he’s the Mr. Fanservice to Ivy’s Ms. Fanservice. Though that does give him some points. Ein from Dead or Alive just barely loses out to him.

Top 10 best Belmont Clan members from Castlevania

I admittedly don’t know all the Belmonts so I can’t reach 10 but I’ll rate the ones I know.

1- Richter Belmont
2- Julius Belmont
3- Gabriel Belmont
4- Trevor Belmont
5- Leon Belmont
6- Simon Belmont (LoS)
7- Simon Belmont
8- Juste Belmont

Top 10 Castlevania bosses (excluding Dracula and Death)

Personal Preference 2: Electric Boogaloo!

1- Orlox
Image result for Castlevania Olrox

2- Galamoth

3- Menace
Image result for Castlevania Menace

4- Brauner
Image result for Castlevania Brauner

5- Isaac
Image result for Castlevania Isaac

6- Slogra/Gaibon
Image result for castlevania slogra gaibon

7- Richter BelmontRelated image

8- Doppelganger40
Image result for castlevania Doppelganger 40

9- Shaft
Image result for castlevania Shaft

10- Legion
Image result for castlevania Legion

Top 10 whip wielders

Personal preference strikes again! But this time I actually know the full scope!

1- ZorroImage result for Zorro

2- Bartholomew Fatima (Xenogears)
Image result for Bartholomew fatima

3- Richter BelmontImage result for Richter Belmont

4- Ivy (Soul Calibur) <I do know it’s a Whip Sword but it’s still part Whip so imma count itImage result for Soul Calibur Ivy

5- Quistis Trepe (Final Fantasy 8)Related image

6- Wolf (Alien vs Predator Requiem)Image result for Alien vs Predator Wolf

7- Jonathan Morris (Castlevania)Image result for Jonathan Morris

8- Indiana JonesImage result for Indiana Jones

9- CatwomanImage result for Catwoman

10- Black CatImage result for Marvel Black Cat

Why isn’t 11 pronounced as “onety-one?

Probably because the English language is weird and wants to be a special snowflake.

Pancakes or waffles and yes our entire friendship hinges on that question lol

It’ll sound like a cop-out but it depends. Generally, I’m a Pancake guy. I’ll usually only go Waffles if it’s Belgium Waffles but those aren’t exactly a thing I have often.

Can Pancakes be crunchy?

Kinda. I like them a wee bit burnt so it’s soft on the inside but a little crunchy on the edges. But when the full thing gets crunchy then you should be concerned.

Who’s the worst SJW character forced on us and why?

Oh dear, ending this on quite a doozy. The thing that makes it hard is there aren’t many outright examples outside of one written in SJW stories. It’s usually taking an old character and bending them to new ends regardless of how poorly it turns out (which for the sake of the question technically don’t apply). Then you got Ms.Marvel…Image result for ms. marvel kamala khan

She is the equivalent of Roman Reigns for Marvel. They want you to love her and they are hard selling her as much as possible. She has no concrete personality or real development. She’s treated like a legacy character to Captain Marvel but is just a fangirl of hers. Know who really is a Legacy Character? Ultra-Girl who was set to replace Carol and even was given the suit before Norman Osborne lawyered her out of it.Image result for Marvel Ultragirl

Ultra-Girl has a history with Carol, similar powerset, and is even a Kree. For all intents and purposes, she would’ve been a logical successor like Winter Soldier or Falcon were to Captain America. But no, we get Kamala instead because of reasons. She’s an Inhuman who can stretch and grow and regenerate and comes off more as Ms. Fantastic than anything. That would’ve actually been more fitting or have her stand on her own with her own name and identity beyond “fangirl turned Legacy”. Her flaws and mistakes are constantly glossed over and she’s treated with far more praise and respect than an inexperienced (in-universe) rookie should be. Which is noticeable when you compare it to say the New X-Men, Young Avengers, or Avengers Initiative where they all had to work hard to earn things she’s just given.

Related image

While Kate Bishop & Miles Morales did assume the names of their successor without a prior history, both were originally treated like characters and had extenuating circumstances. Peter died and Miles had spider powers so in his universe he was the only Spider-Man at the time. Even then he had to prove himself and earn the title. Kate Bishop didn’t want the title and even then, it was during the Superhero Civil War where Hawkeye was Ronin. But again, she grew and earned the title as she became a fully fleshed out character…before her horrific spiral later on…

If she was given time to develop and grow naturally as a person/character she probably wouldn’t be so bad. But instead, they’re fast-tracking her because of marketability rather than quality. Which is unfortunate because no matter how much I loathe her, I don’t like seeing characters treated so poorly. Or in this case, given all the free passes and not being allowed to actually be a character. To be her own thing instead of just another generic character template.

Image result for kamala khan ms marvel

What do you feel is the most overrated piece of fiction? And what is the most underrated?

Image result for the dark knightI’ve made it clear before that I’m not a fan of Nolan’s style or the effect it had on DC since it had such success. I also made it clear that I don’t think they’re bad films, except Dark Knight Rises…that was a dumpster fire. But I never liked the Dark Knight on any level and at the risk of getting just an unending sea of hate…I feel like probably wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much praise if Ledger were still alive. The same principle as a painter who becomes famous after passing despite being at most okay while alive. As for underrated…

Image result for Megaman Legends

Now, this is probably personal bias but hear me out. I say Megaman Legends because, like many a sequel, it’s always held in comparison to it’s predecessor even when it’s vastly different in nature (in this case Megaman X). For the time, it had (and probably still has) the most clear-cut actual story from beginning to end with Megaman X Command Mission being the obvious exception. Characters on all sides of the fence grow and develop. Something that sets ol’ Volnutt/Trigger out from the naively forgiving Mega Man or Cardboard Cutout Decoy Protagonist X. There are things for you to do outside of the main story to burn time or get new gear. The music is good and while the graphics don’t quite hold up to this day, the art style is still distinct and recognizable at a glance.

Image result for Megaman Legends 3

Even Capcom underrates it in canceling MML3 despite very visible/vocal fan backing. But oh well, it’s not X or Classic and is too anime. Here’s even more rereleases of X and Classic and also yet another Classic sequel! Because the world can’t get enough of those two. It’s not like there are other Megamen waiting for a proper ending…

Image result for Megaman ZX series

What have you wanted to get into, but just haven’t had the time (or even resources) to get into yet? This could be something like a game, series, or even a hobby.

Image result for surfingI’ve always wanted to be a surfer. I love the water and the ocean and surfing just looks so cool and so fun. Unfortunately, there are several obstacles. First, I can’t float and swim very poorly (yay living up to stereotypes). Second, I live in New York…that’s not exactly a good spot to surf. Finally, and biggest of all, I have a crippling fear of sharks. As much as I might want to even if I got the resources unless I can get past that fear I won’t be able to.

Image result for inline skating

After Surfing as a freebie and more realistic, inline skating/skateboarding. Used to do skating terribly as a kid and planned to learn skateboarding but never got around to it. Learning any of these 3 would be awesome to me.

Image result for 90s skateboardingAnd yes…I realize my 90s is showing hard right now and I don’t care.

When it’s all said and done, what would you say was your main aspiration in life to look back on fondly?

To be a writer. I’ve literally been doing it my whole life and dedicating everything I’ve had since High School to this singular goal. I can’t imagine myself really doing anything else, not even Speedrunning.

What’s your method of getting into the mindset for writing? Do you listen to music or?

When I was first starting I’d listen to music. Then when my 360 was still hooked up in the living room I’d write while watching Speedruns. Usually, 100% runs when I wasn’t watching my friend Keizaron (who you should totally check out especially if you like Pokemans). Now I mostly just have videos from Youtube playing in the background like analysis’, funny videos, comic reviews, or something on Netflix I might want to review at some point. I don’t really watch Speedruns as much now since my PS4 is shit and trying to watch speedruns is a trial of patience. But when it does works, I’m usually on a Randomizer Tournament Run. Somewhat counterintuitively, playing video games (usually to get material for this site) gives me inspiration and the desire to write as well. But really, I’m almost always in the mindset to write. I put it like this: I used to think I was an obsessed workaholic like Reed Richards but now realize I’m an obsessed workaholic with poor mental health like Hank Pym. Hintity hint why my name is Ultronimus.

Image result for hank pym

My mind is always thinking about it so as long as I’m not too tired, depressed, anxious, or the occasional hellish mix of all three at once I’m usually just ready to write “something”. Which is another philosophy I have, even if I don’t write a chapter. As long as I write or plan “something” I count that day as a success.

How do you feel about your future and the future of art/gaming?

For myself, I’m somewhat optimistic. I have a ton of ideas for writing and have added reviewing to my repertoire. Something I used to want to do but now am officially doing. If anything, I’m doing the future I always wanted or at least on the steps to it. Albeit without the greatest financial future though I hope I can improve that soon.

As for art I’m concerned. With everything becoming super political (and not in the fun interesting way like Gundam/X-Men but the unfun shoving it down your throat while demonizing all else like any Pure Flix film or Modern Marvel kind. I feel like there are groups of artists who are going to keep growing and improving. Anime/manga has been pretty decent visually aside from the glaring Berserk tier CGI and generic waifu wankbait. Certain mainstream but quite a few non-mainstream comics have great art still. Though it saddens me how many of them (especially cartoons) are doing the same old Tumblry art style rather than making their own style and stamp. Whether or not the stories are good or bad, the art style itself is getting repetitive.

Image result for modern cartoon art style

With Unicronic Arts getting sued to hell and back for the whole Lootbox / Microtransaction thing, as well as Ubisoft getting similar heat, I’m somewhat more optimistic about gaming. We still have a lot of good things coming out and on the horizon. Many Indie games now even look hopeful and high quality (at the very least visually). Ideally, this will teach companies a lesson (especially after Telltale imploded horribly) and they work to actually improve. Not say they improve then become even worse than before.

Image result for Electronic Arts sense of pride and accomplishment

But the AAA games still are my main concern as terribad politics have seeped into those as well beyond the exploitative business practices. Compared to comics these aren’t nearly as bad (yet due to gameplay usually being able to cover this up) but it is rather noticeable. My main concern is people giving them extra credit than they’re worth just because of hollow representation and trend following.

Image result for Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy

What’s the greatest food ever, in the history of existence?

Pizza with Pepperoni & Extra Cheese, specifically the Pizza Pizza by me where the cheese is literally overflowing.

NY Pizza

And with that the 500th Post Question & Answer segment is complete! It was surprisingly interesting, to say the least. Hopefully, you all enjoyed and will stick around to see future content or possibly another Q&A in the future! Until next time, stay awesome.

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