Spawn #291: Untold Tales

The lore grows in a surprising way as we finally hear the tale of the original Hellspawn.

Spawn #291a

Spawn #291
Writer: Todd McFarlane
Artist: Symon Kurdanski
Letters: Tom Orzechowski
Colors: Lee Loughridge
Cover Artist (A/B): Francesco Mattina
Publisher: Image Comics
Original Review Date: November 11th, 2018


After recovering from his attack by Violator, Spawn and Marc continue their plan. But how was he hurt by the nearly powerless Demon? A weakness originating from the original Hellspawn that had yet to arise until now. To remove this Achilles Heel, Spawn requires the aid of one other ally…


While we knew that Spawn was just one of many Hellspawns, we rarely got any background details on the other Spawns. Now we finally learned about the first Hellspawn and how important they actually were (as well as a shoutout to Malebogia). That the Spawns were the merging of Heaven & Hells powers is a somewhat cliché twist that works. Namely because we know Heaven has the Redeemer/Anti-Spawn. This also explains the Hellspawns notorious lack of desire to actually serve Hell. Something we assumed was just because of individuality they maintained rather than a mix of that an inherent neutrality.

Spawn #291b.jpg

While there is A LOT of lore being dumped on us this time around it made sense given Marc’s ignorance. The amazing art also helps offset this by being a sight to behold. Returning to more traditional art rather than super stylized. Spawn, in particular, returning to his traditional appearance. They continue to use color and heavy blacks to keep the mysterious atmosphere while making everything stand out. Most importantly, things don’t come off flat as they did infamously in the last issue.

Spawn #291c

On the downside, while this new retcon/lore is interesting it brings previous events into a new light. Namely, Hellspawns were originally said to have been created by Malebogia and Mammon. Though now it seems Malebogia simply found and began mass producing them. This in itself is interesting though it makes Malebogia seem far less important in hindsight.

Spawn #291d

Final Thoughts:

The new canon is a bit to take in but I’m curious to see how it works out in the long run. I’m also curious to see what Spawn has planned for Jim.

Rating: 8.5/10

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