Monthly Update: January 2019

Monthly post recap

Site Updates

  • Upload dates returned
  • Thumbnails updated. With dates being returned I needed to free the bottom left corner. So with that said; the top right and bottom right corners have been made smaller using the square shape rather than the quite frankly oversized circular ones. For non-writing posts, the oversized circle is still used but in the top right corner
    • Updated thumbnails
      • Aetherius Saga Chapter #1-5
      • Aetherius Saga Empires Chapter #1-5
      • Aetherius Saga Stormraiders Chapter #1-6
      • Black Valkyrie Chapter #1-4
      • Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter #1-15
      • Blessed Inversion Universe Chapter #1-2
      • Center of Crisis Chapter #1-2
      • Legions of Eodeb Chapter #1-2
      • New Nebulas Chapter #1-3
      • Soul Thieves Prologue
      • Star Forgers Chapter #1-5
      • Tales of the Æsir Chapter #1-2
      • U.G.M.P Chapter #0-3
      • Warzone-Aeternus Chapter #0-2

Chapter Updates

  • Chapter enders updated
    • Next Issue <UNCHANGED>
    • Recommended Reading <UNCHANGED>
    • Previous Issue <NEW>
    • First Issue <NEW>
      • Currently updated chapters
        • Aetherius Saga Chapter #2-5
        • Aetherius Saga Empires Chapter #2-5
    • Chapter Edits
      • Aetherius Saga Chapter 1: Compassionate Wind
        • Map of Zeratal added as an opener
        • Jon’s age corrected from 25 to 21
        • Jon’s age at the last time he was last in Cider Village corrected in response.
        • Explanation of the Sprites and their relationship to the Elementals properly clarified
        • Minor edits
      • Aetherius Saga Chapter 2: Jon, the Sage of Water
        • Kingdom of Orion spelling altered to Kingdom of Or’ion to reflect how it’s pronounced rather than how it’s written. Maps featuring the text have similarly been altered
        • Minor Edits
      • Aetherius Saga Chapter 3: Jova Village
        • Added better descriptions for Highlanders, Celestians, and Myurkyurians
        • Minor Edits
      • Aetherius Saga Chapter 4: The Eternals
        • Added better descriptions for Dhampir’s, Trelza, & Elves
        • Minor Edits
      • Aetherius Saga Chapter 5: Redmails
        • Added better description for the Sevela
        • Explanation of ninjutsu and Ambience updated. Description of psychics removed
        • Minor edits
      • Aetherius Saga Empires Chapter 1: Pax Drakana
        • Minor edit
      • Aetherius Saga Empires Chapter 2: Shogunate
        • Minor edits
        • Kingdom of Or’ion update added
      • Aetherius Saga Empires Chapter 3: The Wyvern Knight
        • Kingdom of Or’ion update added
      • Aetherius Saga Empires Chapter 4: Voice of the Empire
        • Minor edits
        • Kingdom of Or’ion update added

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Tales of the Æsir #2 planning begun
  • Aetherius Saga Empires #6 planning begun
  • Blessed Inversion Golden Age #12-14 planned out
  • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors #10-14 planned out. #15 planning begun
  • Blessed Inversion SWAT #15-18 planned out
  • Blessed Inversion Soul #9-12 planned out
  • Rising Stars #5-7 planned
  • Star Forgers #6 planning begun
  • Full species list being decided for Aetherius Saga. No more creating them as a spur of the moment idea because it was required for the plot. As such, new chapters might take a bit for all three of the Aetherius Saga’s but will be better overall as lore and cultures will be properly set in stone.
  • RPG Maker MV was bought so expect some fun things from that. Including more/updated maps
  • Concept art is being done for characters courtesy of my good friend Joe Mason! First up was Black Ice/Henry “Hal” Sharp. Naturally, concept art might not be 100% what is/will be written. Other times, it will inspire and be used for redesigns. So stay tuned and see where it goes!

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