image Glamour-ous Vol.2

Glamour-ous Vol.2

Lominsan Fisher <Fisher>


A simple yet effective outfit for any Fisher. Be they from Limsa Lominsa or Doma.

Scarlet Miner <Miner>


Want to Mine three times faster than your rivals? Well, look no further.

Stylist of the Seventh Dawn <Weaver>


Tataru isn’t the only one who can make outfits for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

Craftventure 2.0 <Machinist>


With a gun in hand, even a lowly crafter can defend themselves against Ul’dahs bandits.

Beachgoer <All>


The standard garb for visiting Costa del Sol.

Blue SeeD <Blue Mage>


(Everything will be fine now… Because I’m not alone. If I call out… They will answer.)

Doman Marksman <Machinist>


Surprise your enemies by bringing a gun to a swordfight.

Doman Farmer <Botanist>


No matter the region, a farmers work is never done.

Blue Doman <Blue Mage>


School of the Undefeated of the East! Look! The East is burning blue!

Summer Ronin <Samurai>


When roaming Hydaelyn, light colors are a must.

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