Aeternum Compendium: The Nine Realms

Boundless dimensions in which every universe resides. They are the realms of Asgard, Valhalla, Yggdraheim, Muspelheim, Midgard, Svartálfheim, Niflheim, Aaru, and Jötunheim which is now called Lokheim. Out of the nine realms, only the initial creation of three can be confirmed. Asgard, which was created by the Avatar of Black, and the twin realms Valhalla and Aaru. Both of which were created by the All-Father Odin. The remaining six realms seemingly were created by the World Builders at some point to hold the Worlds.

The Nine Realms are divided between the mortal and divine planes. With the exception of Midgard, each realm possesses a divine plane which acts as its own sub-dimension separate from the Worlds it resides above. However; Asgard, Aaru, and Valhalla do no possess a mortal plane. As a result, they do not preside over any Worlds. Beit mortal or divine, they are all connected through various interdimensional gateways and portals. Such as the Bifrost, Gjallar Shards, Radiant Gateways, and even the Rift Gates to name a few. Should any one of the Nine Realms fall, it is only a matter of time before the rest follow…

It’s folly to believe the Nine Realms would so easily align to one cause. Even one as pressing as this. But if all else fails and only one may remain…I shall do what I must to preserve it…

-Odin, the All-Father

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