Aeternum Compendium: Disir

A species created by the All-Father Odin to serve as guides into the afterlife for all the deceased souls of the multiverse. The Disir were split between two clans; the Reapers and the Valkyrie. Both ferrying souls to Aaru & Valhalla respectively. Physically, the Disir are virtually identical to the Æsir only lacking in the innate divinity and the ability to produce offspring. Instead, it is up to King Grigori of the Reapers and Queen Angela of the Valkyrie to decide on their new members. Creating new Disir from souls that were deemed worthy. The Disir will maintain their physical state upon creation and never age. Any injuries they may sustain will heal at an alarming rate and they will know no hunger, thirst, or fatigue. For the Disir exist solely to ferry souls and work tirelessly to do so. Very few things are capable of killing a Disir beyond another being or weapon of sufficient magical power.

Never forget these words. The Æsir are gods born of love and can do a Disir’s duty. But we are born Disir to serve and can never become a god.

-Grigori, King of the Reapers

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