Monthly Update: June 2019

Monthly post recap

Site Updates

  • Pride-themed banner added. And given who I am, I elected to leave it. No reason for Pride to be just for one month after all
  • Follow button modified
  • Sidebar updated to hold most recent tweet. That way I can provide updates without wasting posts adding non-standard update posts
  • Review frame modified to be slightly smaller than the old oversized circular format. Using a square shape that is split in half to have the score on the left and the out of 10 on the right
  • Social Tabs unified for me, Sixth Saint Masamune, and my concept artist Joe Mason/Shazaamistan. This includes a link to Shazaamistan’s Deviantart

Chapter Updates

  • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors #3- Spiders Web
    • Mandible switched for spider fangs
  • Blessed Inversion SWAT #1- Welcome Home
    • Mandible switched for spider fangs
  • Blessed Inversion SWAT #13- Seeing Red
    • Mandibles switched for fangs
  • Rising Stars #2- Young Vigilante
    • Minor edit

Miscellaneous Updates

  • After some feedback, I’m going to attempt lengthening chapters as a whole. While this will make events not stand out as much they may similarly be expanded or just have the novelty of being an event.
  • Design Notes- SWAT-Spider (Steven Kessler)
    • Mandible switched for fangs

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