Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #4: Galact-o-Massacre

On the road to Galact-O-Massacre 1999!


Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #4
Writer: Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin, a.k.a. Moon Invader #1 & Moon Invader #2
Art & Cover: “Backwoods” Kendall Goode
Color Art: “Luscious” Jason Lewis
Cover Color Art: “The Mayor of Fist City” Marissa Louise
Lettering: “Slippery” Sal Cipriano
Logo: “Lights Out” Lindsay Seligman
Editor: “Baton Rouge Bad Boy” Brendan Wright
Mini Macho’s Dialogue Copy Editor: “The A-Show Impresario” Dan Castro
Back Matter  Art & Color Art: “Cast Iron” Scott Kowalchuk
Designs: “Plowboy” Jimmy Presler
Production: “Cold-Hearted” Conley Presler
Publisher: Suspicious Behavior Production


The Regal Rumble continues with Rory and his group seeking safe haven. They may be able to escape the army of alien wrestlers, but escaping the past is an entirely different story…


This issue picks up immediately where the last issue left off. Giving us a particularly impressive fight through a Water Park. At one point doing a two-page spread of action while going down a waterslide. Last issue I commented on the somewhat minimalistic use of background art. Well, this issue does the complete opposite and uses full use of the background. Conveying the tone of the scenes (beit dramatic or comedic) with an impressive use of shading, highlights, and the ever-vibrant palette.


Great art deserves great writing and once again Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia delivers. Being serious and comedic without one undermining the other. Once more diving into exploring the characters and their respective pasts.

Final Thoughts:

Issue #4 highlights all the strengths of those involved in creating this story. The art, the writing, and the love and attention to detail. Being a wrestling fan will definitely enhance the experience. But the story remains good enough that you don’t have to be one to enjoy the story.

Rating: 9/10

If you’re interested in seeing more from Suspicious Behaviors Production head on over to their website where you’ll find links to purchase Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia on comiXology!

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