Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #5: Mind Games

Coming live from the Mental Arena! It’s the Rory Rumble, who will come out on top?

IFPW5 Cover

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #5
Writer: Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin
ArtistKendall Goode
ColoristJio Butler
LettererSal Cipriano
Logo: Lindsay Seligman
EditorBrendan Wright
Back Matter Art & Color: Scott Kowalchuk
Production/DesignConley Presler & Jimmy Presler
Publisher: Suspicious Behavior Production


Rory has abandoned his friends and finds himself an unwilling audience for Dick Drasin and his upcoming Pay-Per-View Match. At the same time, the others find themselves under attack from even more Heels…


After running and hiding (both literally and figuratively) from his past, Rory finally deals with it. As with before the writing and art balances the serious tone with some humor that doesn’t overstay its welcome. As referenced earlier, a big point in this issue is having Rory face down the worst parts of himself in a mental wrestling match and coming out on stop. A stronger and better person than before.


On the art side of things, the quality remains high. The colorist has changed this issue so it has a distinctly more vibrant feel to it. It can take getting used to but it definitely shines during Rory’s battle with his inner demons. This particular part also had the panels distorted similarly to the waterslide brawl. We also get a really good dramatically lit scene with Rory by an explosion.


Final Thoughts:

Overall it was another enjoyable issue. It was almost entirely about Rory overcoming his past this time around. So the Bar Brawl setup from the previous issue is resolved on a single page. I can understand why since it’s not the primary focus of this issue but it was a bit underwhelming after the previous cliffhanger ending. Everything happens really fast outside of the mental battle so the pacing feels a bit odd as well. It doesn’t break the issue but it can be a bit noticeable.

Rating: 8/10

If you’re interested in seeing more from Suspicious Behaviors Production head on over to their website where you’ll find links to purchase Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia on comiXology!


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