Final Fantasy VII: Materia for D&D 5E

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One of the coolest things about Final Fantasy VII is materia and instead of another character statblock today I’m going after that most wonderful of video game RPG subsystems!

For the uninitiated, this is the game’s magic and equipment-kitting system–you get the Fire materia from somewhere and equip it onto a weapon or armor (better the piece → more materia slots), you can cast the Fire spell with it, as you gain experience so does the materia (at a rate determined by the item it is equipped to), and eventually it levels up so you can cast Fire 2 while it’s equipped. It has just the right amount of depth and complexity to be properly engaging for folks without getting cumbersome.

I am not going to reproduce that here because while that level of complexity was amazing for Final Fantasy VII, it is inappropriate for D&D 5E (maybe…

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