Notes of Roanoke #2: Denial

Days became weeks and weeks into months as Atlantis remained in this world of darkness. Kane the Brave had yet to return to the chagrin of his partner, Danforth the Benevolent and Sage of Air. He grew impatient by the day…Without leads and a kingdom to protect we had bet all our hopes on Kane. Finally, the day came when he returned. Sadly, the news he brought was not the news we had hoped for. He told us that there was no one who could’ve cast such a powerful spell…because there was nobody left alive to do so…Each and every town had fully succumbed to paranoia and madness and destroyed themselves. Those who were still alive…all he could do was make their end swift…In all my years I’ve never seen him so distraught…Morticia the Compassionate, Sage of Water, was the first to suggest we do try to expand beyond our barrier in hopes of reclaiming the lost lands. We all knew how optimistic she was being…the damage from the Abyssal Aether was permanent…At least as far as we knew. After we debated what to do for over an hour I took my leave. I had hid the fact I knew something was outside watching us to avoid creating a panic. I’d continue to do so until after I investigated it myself. I walked through the streets alone until I reached the outermost edges of the Kingdom. The sparkling barrier a beacon against the blackness. What was once a pure lake now cut in two by the barrier. The outside portion now an inky black and purple hue. There I saw it…the creature that was watching us this whole time. My heart sank at the sight…nothing about it made sense. Like a singular mass of Abyssal Aether that’d destroy any mind that glanced upon yet. Were I not a Sage I surely would’ve succumb to the visage…The only thing I could properly make out across its horrific form was a single pair of crimson eyes. But in those eyes, I could sense no evil intentions and only saw loneliness and longing. I reached out to it and it retreated as if afraid of me. I assured I meant it no harm and it approached once more. Elementals forgive me…this was the moment that damned all of reality…I took pity on it and sheathed it in an aura of my Pure Aether. That way it could enter unharmed and that others may not go insane in its presence. I wanted to teach it and to learn from it. I had hoped it’d answer what happened to Roanoke…All I’ve done was pave a road to hell with my good intentions…

-Solomon the Empathetic

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