What if? Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

So as of three days ago with the latest story trailer we officially have the full roster for Marvel vs Capcom Infinity. Here’s the trailer for anyone who missed it

Along with this we know the roster and a good idea why most of the characters are here. With that said, here’s the full list


  • Playable
    • Captain America
    • Captain Marvel
    • Doctor Strange
    • Dormammu
    • Gamora
    • Ghost Rider
    • Hawkeye
    • Hulk
    • Ironman
    • Thanos
    • Nova
    • Thanos
    • Rocket Raccoon
    • Spider-Man
    • Thanos
    • Thor
    • Ultron
  • Non-Playable/DLC
    • Black Panther
    • MODOK
    • Venom (?)


  • Playable
    • Arthur
    • Chris Redfield
    • Chun-Li
    • Dante
    • Firebrand
    • Frank West
    • Haggar
    • Jedah
    • Morrigan
    • Nemesis
    • Ryu
    • Spencer
    • Strider
    • X
    • Zero
  • Non-Playable/DLC
    • Doctor Light
    • Grandmaster Mao
    • Monster Hunter (?)
    • Sigma
  • Original
    • Ultron-Sigma

Seeing the roster has admittedly left me with much to be desired but seeing it got me thinking. Some of the characters seemingly don’t have a place in the plot despite them trying to decide characters around the plot. So I was thinking of doing a fun little what-if exercise. What would your roster be if you could only use the 30 playable (32 if you want to include the confirmed DLC slots), had to build them around a plot which you could alter, and were unable to use the Fantastic Four or X-Men characters? For reference in deciding, this game was revealed when Civil War II so full-blown Secret Empire wasn’t a thing. With that in mind,  here were my personal results.

Marvel Side

Black Panther (Replacing Hawkeye)

Image result for black panther

Going in alphabetical order, Black Panther would be a must have on the roster. He’s smart, he’s new, has a movie coming up, and is both a member of the Avengers, cosmic hero team the Ultimates, and Defenders. Covering multiple bases at once included adding a black character to the base roster. I’d put him in over Hawkeye who currently seems to be there just to be there. Wakanda more than likely would be holding an Infinity Gem and the bad guys would try to take it from him, forcing him to actively join the United Heroes (just gonna call it that from now one).

Captain America [Steve Rogers] (Character update)

Captain America is a guaranteed veteran so he wouldn’t be cut. HOWEVER, I’d update him to be in his All-New, All-Different Costume. This means he gets the cool heat shield blade. Functionally, he’d still have some of his old moves but would get a lot of new ones to accommodate his shield to be more aggressive. It might upset some old fans but I’ve an idea you can probably guess which will come up a little later in the list…But back onto Captain America, he’d be kept as the leader of the United Heroes while remaining leader of SHIELD. Adding that extra layer as well as us wondering if he’s doing this to be a hero or doing this for Hydra.

Captain Marvel (Staying)

Image result for Captain Marvel

Not gonna lie, Captain Marvel is just here because Civil War 2 was out at the time and I know people would want her. Plot-wise, she’d be another member of the Ultimates as well as Alpha Flight. If anyone would be there to act as a middle man between the Earth and the Guardians of the Galaxy it’d be her.

Daimon Hellstrom (Replacing Ghost Rider)

Image result for Daimon Hellstrom

This one I can see getting hate, putting in the somewhat not as publically noticeable Daimon Hellstrom over the more classical Ghost Rider. However, I assure you there is a reason for this and it is not fanservice. As both a Hell-Lord and a Defender, Daimon Hellstrom would be the first to catch wind of Dormammu’s plan to get the Infinity Gems and try to conquer reality. Making him the one who’d warn the heroes in the first place. He’d have more stakes than Ghost Rider and moveset wise has a spiffy trident alongside his other magic. On a sidenote, what is it with people and tridents being shirtless?

Doctor Strange (Staying)

Image result for Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is another sealed spot being the premier magical character for Marvel as well as having a movie and upcoming appearance in Thor Ragnarok. He’d remain as a rival to Dormammu and providing valuable intel about the Infinity Gems. So he’d be in the same position as before really.

Dormammu (Staying)

Image result for DOrmammu

The Dread Dormammu is staying but this time he isn’t playing second fiddle. Being the cosmic threat he should be, he’s now the primary threat for the plot. With all the power at his fingertips, working with the various other villains to get the Infinity Gems would allow him to maintain his confirmed god tier power outside of the Dark Dimension. A mastermind who can back up his threats and would elevate Strange into a higher plot significance in the process. That, and he’d be the threat he was played up to be in Marvel vs Capcom 3 before getting pushed aside for Galactus.

Falcon [Captain America] (Taking free slot)

Image result for Captain America Sam Wilson

Now, this is why I’d use All-New, All-Different Captain America. Because I’d add good ol’ Captain Falcon to the mix as a newbie. He’d have the more classical moves from Captain America mixed in with high-flying acrobatics and Red Wing he’s become known for. Plot wise he’d have a few interesting moments with the Capcom heroes namely because while he’s Captain America, there’s still Steve Rogers around causing confusion in leadership and who to address who as what. While he’d want to be their leader, with Steve around he’d relegate himself to just recon and leading smaller teams in the search for the Infinity Gems.

Hulk (Staying)

Image result for Hulk

HULK STRONGEST ONE THERE IS! And Hulk is too much of a mainstay to not be included. Plotwise, as both an Avenger and Defender he’d have a reason to stick around and help find the Infinity Gems.

Ironman (Staying)

Image result for Ironman

Much like Captain America, Hulk, & Captain Marvel, Ironman kinda has to be here lol He’s too ingrained in the series to be cut out. Plotwise, as one of the biggest figures in the Avengers and smartest people around he’d basically be the Lancer to both Steve & Sam in deciding how the United Heroes tackle the Infinity Gems. Eventually switching to a more technical role alongside Black Panther after Wakanda is put into the mix.

Loki (Replacing Ultron)

Image result for Marvel Loki

The God of Mischief would take over the playable slot from Ultron as both an extremely popular and new villain. Being a magical character and with ties to Asgard, he’d have knowledge of the Infinity Gems and try to work alongside Dormammu’s team. Attempting to play all sides so that in the end, he’s the one with the Gauntlet. Manipulating the heroes into doing his bidding and forcing Captain Falcon to take over as leader when Captain America appears to have gone Hydra. Gameplay wise he’d have his trademark staff and could use his illusions to teleport around the battlefield.


Nova (Staying)

Image result for Marvel Nova

Nova gets to stay around as yet another Cosmic Hero and ally to the Guardians of the Galaxy. That’d be his main reason for being around, being a hero who deals with both Earth & Space and like Captain Marvel would act as a mediator between the two sides.

Proxima Midnight (Replacing Gamora)

Image result for Marvel Proxima Midnight

If you know the Black Order then you know who Proxima Midnight is. One of the best combatants in Thanos’ entire army and has appeared in both Marvel Avengers Alliance, playable in Marvel Future Fight, the Avengers Assemble cartoon, and even in the upcoming Infinity War movie. She’d be sent to retrieve the Infinity Gems for Thanos while he remained in the wings. Being the lone rogue agent running around Earth with no affiliations. Being the only one Loki actually seems to fear out of the roster. With her ungodly spear, she’d be a mix of Kilik from Soul Calibur with the ability to zone as well. But more importantly, she’d be the foreboding reminder of who’s waiting in the background for the dust to settle…

Rocket Raccoon (Staying)

Image result for Marvel Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is another returning person and the main rep for Guardians of the Galaxy alongside Groot who remains part of his moveset. He’d tag along with Nova & Captain Marvel as their rep specifically for the purpose of retrieving the Infinity Gems

Spider-Man (Staying)

Image result for Marvel Spider-Man

Spider-Man gets to stick around (pun fully intended) as another veteran in the series and the lone rep for the street level heroes. Spider-Man is a hero through and through so he’d be one of the first to jump at the call to help find the Infinity gems. Especially when it means less Supernatural, Cosmic, and Hydra based threats to deal with.

Thor (Staying)

Image result for Marvel Thor

The Mighty Thor gets to stick around with his new movie on the way and the main person to deal with Loki’s shenanigans. He’d know not to trust him and suspect his hand behind some of the more questionable actions of the heroes and try to put a stop to it ASAP.

Thanos (Made DLC)

Image result for Marvel Thanos

What’s an Infinity Gauntlet story without the Mad Titan himself? Though this time he’d be the DLC final boss. With the heroes and villains too busy fighting amongst each other, he’d be able to swoop in and usurp the Gauntlet from Loki with relative ease. With all that power at his literal fingertips, we all know what he’d do next…

As for the NPCs, MODOK can remain in control of his Infinity Gem though now besides working with Umbrella, he’d be secretly working with Hydra as well which would be represented by Baron Zemo. Jedah & Dormammu would also still be trying to use the Symbiote to their own ends as well. I’d also include as NPCs the remaining Black Order characters and a cameo from Angela in Asgard as the sister to both Loki & Thor and a Guardian of the Galaxy.


Amaterasu (Replacing Haggar)

Image result for Capcom Amaterasu

With the supernatural taking the forefront in the battle for the Infinity Gems, who better to help than the Goddess Amaterasu? Continuing her rivalry with Dormammu from MvC3, she’d be part of the supernatural front lines.

Chris Redfield (Staying)

Image result for Chris Redfield

Good ol Chris Barafield gets to stick around being one of the 100% human characters in the game. When AIMBRELLA gets an Infinity Gem, he’d be the first to get the call to help get it back. He’d also maintain a connection to the other RE character present who is working with AIMBRELLA…

Chun-Li (Staying)

Image result for Chun-Li

Was there ever any doubt? The first lady of Capcom is sticking around as the rep for Interpol. She’d be one of the voices of reason for the team and try to keep a cool head to balance out her quite frankly more wild and unpredictable teammates.

Dante (Staying)

Image result for Devil May Cry Dante

As Demon Hunter extraordinaire, Dante gets to stick around. Along with Daimon, he’d be one of the first to realize the growing Demonic threat and actively work to end it. He’d also have some fun interactions with the equally laid back Daimon Hellstrom as the two half-breeds on the hero team with a more villainous sibling.

Hayato Kanzaki (Replacing Frank West)

Image result for Hayato Kanzaki

At long last, the cosmic Bounty Hunter Hayato would return from MvC2. As you can guess in his intro, he’d be the cosmic rep for Marvel and would actively be pursuing Proxima Midnight. When Loki starts to manipulate the heroes and try to turn them evil, he’d be turned into B. Hayato and forced to fight his former allies.

Jedah Dohma (Staying)

Image result for Jedah Dohma

Jedah stays where he is in both the roster and the plot. He’d be Dormammu’s right-hand man in place of the absent Baron Mordo. He’d be the one taking a more active role while Dormammu is sealed within the Dark Dimension and plans on using this to his own ends. Quite clearly not trusting Loki along the way but just tolerating him.

Morrigan Aensland (Staying)

Image result for capcom morriganThe other lady of Capcom and the Versus series isn’t going anywhere. She knows what Jedah is all about and with the other supernatural characters is trying her best to stop him. As a Succubus, she’s also one of the few who sees through Loki’s manipulative ploys given that’s her forte as well.

Ryu (Staying)

Image result for capcom Ryu

Ryu is similarly being kept around but plotwise, he’s the only one I can say is kinda just there. But moveset wise, I’d go back to the MvC1 style where he could turn into movesets referencing Ken & Akuma so that they don’t end up taking a spot as well. But hey, when Loki runs wild on the heroes he’d get to turn Evil Ryu alongside B. Hayato.

Savan (Replacing Arthur)

Image result for Dragon's Dogma Savan

This time we’re exchanging a knight for a knight. Arthus is being swapped out for Savan from Dragon’s Dogma. Part because Dragon’s Dogma has an anniversary coming up and part because he’d have an interesting place in the plot. Namely being the sort of neutral member of the heroes. While he’d work to end the demonic threats he’d be trying to get the Infinity Gems for himself so that he can break the cycle of eternal return he’s trapped in. Movesetwise his default uses a sword and a shield but as Arisen, his specials could reference the Warrior, Sorcerer, Ranger, Magick Knight, Assassin, & Magick Archer classes. Essentially, he’d be Taskmaster but with more weapons getting referenced.

Soki (Replacing Spencer)

Image result for Onimusha Soki

Soki returns from Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Onimusha Dawn of Dreams as another for the supernatural front. Taking to the front alongside Amaterasu as the Japanese themed supernatural people. Being one of the more powerful supernatural members of the hero team, it’s only natural he’d see Dormammu as another threat like Fortinbras and want to take him down.

Strider Hiryu (Staying)

Image result for Strider Hiryu

Strider Hiryu is another who gets to stay and covers the more technological spectrum for the Capcom side. Being part of the team sent to retrieve the Infinity Gem from Grandmaster Mao but also being a key player in dealing with Ultron & Sigmas surprise tech faction.

Megaman EXE (Replacing X)

Image result for Megaman EXE

I’d have Megaman EXE make his versus series debut replacing X. Thematically, he fits as being an anti-virus program who’d be perfect in handling the Sigma Virus that remains an active threat thanks to the Ultron hordes. He’d also be able to act as a type of operator similar to Alia in the X series or Friday for Tony except for all the United Heroes. Combat wise, he could switch his equipped weapon much like Megaman Volnutt did in TvC. Switching from his default Sword Arm and the Cannon. I’d keep it at just the two so he’d be only offensive rush down or slower zoner based.

Vergil (Replacing Firebrand)

Image result for Devil May Cry Vergil

Vergil would return replacing Firebrand in the supernatural alliance that’s formed. Like Loki and Jedah, he’d have his own plans for the Infinity Gems and only works with them for his own ends. Coming to blows with the other supernatural half-breeds in the process. In the end when Dormammu is about to rule it all, Vergil switches to the hero side much like in DMC3 to save the world and secure his own ends.

Wesker (Replacing Nemesis)

Image result for Albert Wesker

As you can guess, this is no place for jobbers and Wesker gets rid of the last one as the second rep for Resident Evil. Serving as the head of the Umbrella half of AIMBRELLA, he’d secretly plan to use the Infinity Gems himself and is using Hydra to do it. But before he can fulfill his plans, the United Heroes come a knocking. In the end, it’s left ambiguous if Captain America had this planned to eliminate a potential threat or this was just the heroes being heroic.

Zero (Staying)

Image result for Megaman X Zero

Zero stays around as the last playable member of the Capcom side. With the Sigma Virus now being merged with the Ultron Drones, Zero wants to end the threat once and for all before they can use the Infinity Gems to wipe out all organic life.

Pyron (DLC)

Image result for Darkstalkers Pyron

Bet you didn’t see this coming, but as the biggest bad in Darkstalkers Pyron would be made DLC. Basically being the parallel cosmic threat to Thanos in appearing at the very end after little hints and references by Jedah to try and get the Infinity Gauntlet for himself.

Doctor Light & Grandmaster Mao both remain as non-playable plot elements. Doctor Light being there to make sure they end the Sigma Virus and Grandmaster Mao because he owns one of the Infinity Gems. But he’d also have Strider Hien by his side to guard it. Like Ultron, Sigma would remain a plot element but be unplayable as he only appears in his default form briefly before becoming Sigma Prime. As the Sigma Virus, he wouldn’t need the Infinity Gems to fuse with Ultron. He’d just infect his body and hijack him from the inside. This time becoming the base body over Ultron just gaining Sigma-y traits.

Plot Shifts

If you stayed this long then congratulations! Now it’s time to summarize what my ideas for a what-if Marvel vs Capcom Infinite would be.

  1. The plot starts out with a slow burn being the Avengers (Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, Captain Falcon, and Thor) going after Hydra only to find AIM already there doing the job for them. For some reason, instead of using their normal style they’re using BOWs to combat Hydra. Chris joins the fray informing them that AIM has joined with Umbrella to become AIMBRELLA and that he was in pursuit of Wesker.
  2. The United Heroes return to Avengers Tower when Ultron attacks, wanting revenge against the Avengers only to mysterious retreat due to uncharacteristic malfunctions after his defeat. As he flees it’s revealed he’s been infected with the Sigma Virus and when he’s lost control of himself, he’s rebuilt as Sigma Prime.
  3. Putting AIMBRELLA on the side, they prepare to deal with Sigma Prime when they’re visited by Captain Marvel, Rocket Raccoon, Nova, and Hayato Kanzaki who informs them the Black Order has made a move on Earth and Proxima Midnight was attacking Wakanda. Doctor Light, who was contacted to aid them in dealing with Sigma Prime, informs them he’s already sent an anti-virus program to help stall and possibly liberate Ultron. Seeing it as the lesser of two evils.
  4. Captain Falcon takes the lead and takes a team to help Black Panther deal with Proxima Midnights attack only to find Symbiote infected monsters attacking both parties. All seemingly after the Infinity Gem in his possession.
  5. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange is visited by Daimon Hellstrom and Morrigan who tells him about Dormammu’s plan to get the Infinity Gems. The All-New Defenders band together and go to Hell to stop Dormammu in his tracks only to find Dante, Amaterasu, Savan, & Soki already there combating the Demon hordes. But with an Infinity Gem in their possession, the Defenders are forced to retreat and seek help from the Avengers, now joined by Spider-Man who was brought in for his Symbiote knowledge and Black Panther now that Wakanda was safe.
  6. With everyone present now aware of the Infinity Gems being back in play, they prepare to split up and find them. Loki, surprisingly, claims he wants to help the heroes because even he doesn’t want Dormammu or Jedah working together. Telling them that while they retrieved the Gem in Wakanda and one was in Hell the others remained with AIMBRELLA, Grandmaster Mao, Asgard, and Attilan.
  7. Untrusting of Loki, Thor travels to Asgard to confirm what Loki said. Surprisingly, they find the first Infinity Gem in Angela’s possession. She begrudgingly gives her brothers the gem before they return to Earth.
  8. Attilan is attacked by Sigma Prime when Zero arrives alongside Strider to try and stop him. Sigma takes control of Zero forcing Strider to work alongside Megaman EXE who uses the Infinity Gem from inside of Sigma Primes programming to give himself a physical form. Sigma Prime retreats leaving Attilan safe and two Gems in the heroes possession
  9. Disinterested in remaining idle, Jedah directly attacks Avengers tower alongside Vergil to retrieve their gems. Unleashing the Symbiote monsters on New York to cause chaos and distract them. In the chaos, Ryu & Chun-Li arrive at the behest of Interpol so they could work together in dealing with AIMBRELLA. In the chaos, Jedah retrieves the two Infinity Gems they possessed. Totalling Dormammu’s at three.
  10. Thor & Loki arrive in the wake of the Symbiote attack to discover what happened at Avengers Tower, leaving them with only a single Gem in their possession to Dormammu’s three. Captain Marvel, Strider, Rocket, and Nova elect to go after Grandmaster Mao while Chris, Captain America, Savan, and Chun-Li pursue AIMBRELLA.
  11. We then find out Wesker is helming AIMBRELLA alongside MODOK and has been using it to empower their BOWs. But more importantly, that Wesker is secretly working with Hydra to secure the Gem for themselves. But before he can complete his plan, Chris’ team arrives and he loses his Infinity Gem to them. Setting the Heroes back to two
  12. Captain Marvels team arrives to deal with Grandmaster Mao and retrieve the final wild Infinity Gem when he calls Strider Hien and Sigma Prime to aid him. With all their combined tech and an Infinity Gem to back them, they’re forced to fall back. The mission being saved by a surprise intervention from Proxima Midnight and Vergil. Who claims the gem in the name of Thanos before disappearing. Bringing Dormammu’s side to 4
  13. The heroes reunite once more when Loki reveals his true colors, using magic to try and force the heroes to battle one another to give him a chance to retrieve the two Infinity Gems for Dormammu. Captain America, Zero, Ryu, Hulk, Spiderman, & Hayato are forced to fight Rocket, Morrigan, Captain Falcon, Ironman, Captain Marvel, & Black Panther. They manage to stop their friends but not before Savan betrays them and takes the last two Infinity Gems to Hell. Hoping to free himself from his endless cycle of rebirth.
  14. With no more time to waste, the heroes head into Hell to take on Dormammu and his forces. Jedah references how powerless Dormammu is outside of his dimension in comparison to Pyron moments before betraying Vergil and Savan. Securing all the Infinity Gems for himself. The only thing keeping him from going full god mode being the combined might of Doctor Strange, Daimon, Amaterasu, & Soki. But they aren’t quick enough in preventing Dormammu from gaining the Infinity Gems and freeing himself from the Dark Dimension.
  15. With nothing in his way, Dormammu prepares to rule all reality but has to deal with Dante & Vergil being the frontline against him. The United Heroes work together to give Doctor Strange & Daimon the opportunity to seal Dormammu back in the Dark Dimension. Unfortunately, this is all for naught when Loki takes the Infinity Gems for himself moments before fleeing.
  16. Pyron appears to take the Infinity Gems from Loki when he’s easily sniped by Proxima Midnight who returns it to their rightful owner, Thanos. With Vergil now in their ranks, the United Heroes battle and defeat Thanos once and for all. But the damage done by Loki’s manipulation runs deep and fortunately before Captain America can secretly secure the Gems for Hydra, Captain Falcon suggests hiding them once more. Using the same power that gave EXE a physical form to leave them all in cyberspace where he could watch over them safe outside of any cosmic or technological threat that might go after them.

More or less anyway lol But I think it’d be an interesting coherent story that showcases a variety of areas, locales, and characters in both the Marvel and Capcom universe. Though I admit I could probably streamline this better if I weren’t doing this to put off finishing Rise of the Pheromaster lol But now I present the question to you true believer, if you could do the same for MvCI what would you do?

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